Featured Guest Speakers

We were excited to feature the following guest speakers for the 2017 World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo.

Ricky Williams

Professional Athlete, Heisman Trophy Winner & Trained Healer

Dr. Cyril Wecht

Forensic Science Consultant, Author, and Former Coroner of Allegheny County

Darren McCarty

4-Time Stanley Cup Champion & Vice President of Business Development for Cushman Wakefield

Athletes for CARE

Marvin Washington, Todd Herremans, Eben Britton, Nate Jackson

Marvin Washington

Athletes For CARE Ambassador, NFL Super Bowl Winner & Cannabis Advocate

Todd Herremans

Athletes For CARE Ambassador & Former NFL Offensive Guard

Eben Britton

Athletes For CARE Ambassador & Former NFL Offensive Linesman

Nate Jackson

Athletes For CARE Ambassador, Former NFL Player & Published Author

Dr. Bryan Doner

CEO of Compassionate Certification Centers

Melonie Kotchey

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of Compassionate Certification Centers

Kevin Provost

Executive Officer, Greenhouse Ventures LLC

Tyler Dautrich

Operations Manager, Greenhouse Ventures LLC

Erica Daniels

Author of Cooking with Leo: An Allergen-Free Autism Family Cookbook

Cheryl Shuman

CEO/Founder, Beverly Hills Cannabis Club

Mike Folmer

Chairman of the Senate State Government Committee

Elizabeth Westbrook

Advisor of Government Relations at Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney, PC

Scott Greiper

President & Founding Partner of Viridian Capital Advisors

Dr. Sue Sisley

Psychiatrist & Former Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine

William A. Garvin

Shareholder at Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney, PC

Captain Kirk

Instructor at Oaksterdam University, Creator of Award-Winning Edibles

Dr. Andrew Rosenstein

CEO of Steep Hill Maryland

Avis Bulbulyan

Chief Executive Officer of SIVA Enterprises

Dr. Christian Bogner, MD

MD, Cannabis Researcher

Dr. Joseph J Morgan, MD

Executive Director, Medicine and Science

Sebastien Cotte

Director and Board Member for the Flowering Hope Foundation

Dr. Stuart Titus, Ph.D

Cannabis Industry Icon and Innovator

Andrew Hard

Moderator and CEO of CMW Media

Mara Gordon

Founder, Chief Process Engineer

Janie Maedler

Policy Advisor, Speaker, Educator, and Consultant

Dr. Jahan Marcu, Ph.D

Chief Auditor for Patient Focused Certification

Kate Dalgleish

Managing Partner of Green Mounting Consulting

Campaign for Compassion

Cannabis Advocates

Bill Nettles

Owner, Law Office of Bill Nettles

Marc J. Ross

Founding Member of Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference LLP

Lilach Mazor Power

Founder & Managing Director, Giving Tree Wellness Center

Snowden Bishop

Editor-in-Chief, Host of The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show


Artist, Roc-A-Fella Records & Patient Advocate, National Kidney Foundation

Shad B. Ewart

Professor and Administrator at Anne Arundel Community College

Valerio Romano

Attorney, VGR Law Firm

Dana Workman

Executive Assistant to the CEO at CannaKids & SavingSophie.org

Dasheeda Dawson

Founder & President of MaryJane Marketing LLC

Pamela Johnston

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Special Projects at Electrum Partners

Amy Diiullo

Vice President of Business Development and Sales for CMH Brands

Veterans Ending The Stigma

Cannabis Advocates for Veterans

Patrick Nightingale, Esquire

Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society and owner of PKN Law

Debra Kimless

Clinical Practitioner & Anesthesiologist

Heather Shuker

Managing Director at the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society

Andy Joseph

President of Apeks Supercritical

Aaron Epstein

General Counsel & General Manager at Garden State Dispensary

Chris Bunka

CEO of Lexaria Corporation

John Docherty

President of Lexaria Corporation

Michael Krawitz

Executive Director at Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access

Doug Larson

Director of OEM Partnerships, Regional Sales Manager

Tom Fleming

Chairman, Co-Founder, Link to Banking

Peter Flint

Partner, JM Search

Anthony Smith, Ph.D

Chief Science Officer of EVIO Labs & Founder of Kenevir Research

Lance Johnstone

Vice President of Business Development, Timeless Herbal Care

Lindy Snider

Founder, Lindiskin

David Goldstein

Founder, PotBotics

Rick DiMarco

Executive Director & Founder of the Pennsylvania Cannabis Association

Adam D. Fine, Esq.

Managing Partner of Vicente Sederberg LLC

Steve Schain

Marijuana Law Attorney at Hoban Law Group

Courtney Betty

Founder Timeless Herbal Jamaica

Luke W. Russell

CEO, Russell Media

Geoffrey W. Whaling

Managing Member of GWW LLC

Charles Victor Pollack, Jr.

Director, Associate Dean & Professor at Thomas Jefferson University

Amanda Rigdon

Chief Technical Officer, Emerald Scientific

Eric Wang

Director, Ecofibre

Michael E. Thue

CEO & Founder of Great Lakes Hemp Supplements, LLC

Eric Paul

CEO, CannTrust

Brian MacKay

Founder, CEO & Creative Visionary at Tetragram Entertainment

Sarah Bargas, RN

Registered Nurse & Cannabis Patient

Scott Leshman

Owner/CEO Cannabinoid Creations

Kevin Boehnke

Medical Cannabis Author & Researcher

Naveed Naeem, MD

Doctor & Owner of Elite Health

Eric R. Nelson

House Representative of Pennsylvania

Branden Hall

CTO, MoreBetter

John Kagia

Executive Vice President of Industry Analytics

James Thorburn

Founding Partner of Thorburn Walker LLC

Shanel Lindsay

Founder & President, Ardent LLC

Amber E. Senter

Chief Executive Officer of Leisure Life & Co-Founder of Supernova Women

Douglas Berman

Professor of Law

Audrey Byrnes BSN, RN, PCCN-C

Member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association

Roseanne Scotti

Senior Director, Resident States & State Director of Drug Policy Alliance’s New Jersey Office

Dozie Mbonu

Co-Founder and CEO of Janerette’s Eco-Friendly Fungi, LLC (Dr. J’s Fungi)

Michael Zaytsev

Founder, High NY

Rebecca Gasca

CEO, Pistil + Stigma

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