Amanda Rigdon has been a well-known fixture in the cannabis community from her support of the industry through applications and education since 2010.

Currently, she holds the position of Chief Technical Officer at Emerald Scientific, a company that supports technical excellence in the cannabis industry through the introduction of the first series of proficiency tests, the first analytically-focused conference, and the distribution of cannabis-specific laboratory supplies and equipment.

Prior to joining Emerald Scientific, Amanda spent nine years at Restek developing applications, seminars, and technical literature for various industries, including the cannabis analytics industry, prior to her time at Restek, Amanda spent two years as an FDA GLP auditor. Rigdon started working with the cannabis industry in 2010 and has developed methods for potency, residual solvents, and terpene analysis.

Amanda is now an active member of the cannabis industry and she continues to support sound science through the development of laboratory workflow solutions, one-on-one technical service, seminars, and publications.

Amanda Rigdon

Chief Technical Officer, Emerald Scientific