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With CCC, you can rest assured that you will receive the compassionate care you deserve. Our commitment to transparency, patient support, and superior service quality sets us apart.

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    Established in 2016 alongside the inception of the Pennsylvania MMJ Program, CCC stands as a physician-owned medical organization dedicated to providing comprehensive patient support and services to help patients in Pennsylvania acquire their MMJ cards.

    Over the years, we have diligently developed and maintained one of the leading MMJ certification platforms in Pennsylvania. Our primary objective revolves around educating, assisting, and facilitating the attainment of your MMJ certification. Widely recognized for our compassionate patient care, we take immense pride in upholding values such as transparency, unwavering patient support, and exceptional service quality. As committed advocates for the PA MMJ community and its patients, we strive to foster an environment of trust and reliability.

    At CCC, we have revolutionized the MMJ certification and card renewal process, simplifying it for utmost convenience. Our dedicated team remains by your side throughout the journey, offering unwavering support to both patients and certified caregivers. Leveraging state-of-the-art telehealth technology, we extend our services to patients located across the entire state of Pennsylvania. Our streamlined procedures aim to minimize complexity and ensure a hassle-free experience.

    Join us as we continue to advocate for the PA MMJ community and its patients, striving to improve the lives of individuals in need of alternative medical solutions.


      Melinda M

      I suffer from anxiety so waiting for the call to be certified was scary. I have a hard time talking to strangers &w/video calls. I was so happy that once the call started I was put at ease. From the moment I got my notice to re-certify I was on high anxiety. The CCC doctors and staff walked me through everything. They truly are caring and compassionate. I’m very grateful

      David S

      This was my 4th time with CCC since starting this journey. I want to be treated like a person not a $$$. I’d like to pay a fair price for the service I receive, and as much as possible, I need my appointments to be on my schedule. They have exceeded all of my requirements to the point that it never crossed my mind to go anywhere else and I’m looking forward to possibly speaking to the same folks next year.

      Samuel R

      These guys make it so quick and convenient to renew or get certified for your medical card and will do anything to ensure you receive it and get an appointment with a Dr. Been with these guys 3 years now n never had an issue with anything at all, and may I add that the fee is rather cheap also compared to other places!! Very happy with the service & experience I had with compassionate certification center.... I'd highly recommend going here to get certified for your medical marijuana card!! Thanks as always!! See yah next year!!

      Bill W Jr.

      10/10... "INTEGRITY"✓ "EFFICIENT"✓ "PROFESSIONAL"✓ "KNOWLEDGEABLE"✓ "UNDERSTANDING"✓ and makes patient feel very calm and at ease. Been in the program since it's start, got certified FIRST w/this great group of people and have renewed every year since with them. No need to go anywhere else. They are TRULY COMPASSIONATE. Keep up the great work, talk at you in 2024👍. Thank you again, William(Bill) Winesickle Jr.✌️

      Nathan F

      Very pleased! The first call to them they answered all my questions. I didnt have to make a second call! They offered a virtual doctors appointment which was nice since I work alot. The doctor was courteous and the appointment time lasted no more than 10 minutes. The text they sent regarding the visit had a highlighted link which suggested to go to the visit 5 minutes before to be in the waiting room. All I did was have to click on the link and wait. It was that simple! There were absolutely no issues. I'm not the most internet tech savvy person but it was an easy process! Thanks, and I look forward to receiving the medical marijuana card in the mail!

      Sarah O

      Although I was a little anxious and kind of messed up the process, the folks at CCC were there to assure me everything will be fine. They made special accommodations due to a few difficulties I experienced, by no fault of anyone, and made sure I was taken care of. Very kind people work here, and I recommend them to everyone.

      Robert D

      Your associate who handled my case was very professional and knolageable he made this process very smooth and the dr did my interview with the upmost professional aditude thank you for making my experience so easy !


    At CCC, we provide telehealth appointments using our advanced platform, allowing you to obtain your medical marijuana certification from any location within Pennsylvania. Our telehealth appointments prioritize convenience, allowing you to get certified comfortably at home using a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

    New Patient Certification

    CCC offers comprehensive MMJ certification services, catering specifically to new patients seeking alternative medical solutions.

    Renewal Certification

    CCC proudly offers MMJ certification services to patients who already possess an MMJ card or those seeking a new provider for their ongoing care.

    Medical Record Review

    CCC helps patients navigate the necessary documentation required for their MMJ certification or re-certification process.

    Medical Condition Evaluation

    CCC helps patients determine if their medical condition qualifies for medical marijuana treatment and guiding them through the certification process.