Mr. Kevin Boehnke is currently completing his doctorate at the University of Michigan School of Public Health in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences.

In collaboration with a local dispensary in Michigan and pain researchers at the University of Michigan Chronic Pain and Fatigue Center, he launched a study examining how cannabis use affects opioid and other medication use among medical cannabis users with chronic pain. In this study, medical cannabis patients reported using 64% fewer opioids after initiation of cannabis use, as well as a large decrease in the negative effects of their current medications.

Mr. Boehnke has published in several peer-reviewed scientific journals (click here for a full list of publications). In addition to publishing in scientific journals, Mr. Boehnke is passionate about translating research across diverse disciplines and audiences. As perception and cultural barriers around cannabis are vital in understanding its potential medical role in society, Mr. Boehnke considers scientific engagement and education a vital piece of advancing public discourse around this controversial topic.

Kevin Boehnke

Medical Cannabis Author & Researcher