Dana Workman is the Executive Assistant to the CEO at CannaKids & SavingSophie.org.

With a background in entertainment media, Dana has developed an extensive resume both in front of and behind the camera, but her career path changed drastically after her father was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2014. Dana worked tirelessly in an attempt to learn about alternative therapies for her fathers condition and her research led back to longtime friend, Tracy Ryan, and her company, CannaKids. Dana found herself compelled to help others like her father and joined the CannaKids team.

She now spends her days helping to expand the community’s knowledge of medical cannabis related therapy and the CannaKids initiative. As the CEO’s right hand, she is an integral part in day to day operations, assists in guiding patients when needed, and is a public voice in the advocacy community.

Dana Workman

Executive Assistant to the CEO at CannaKids & SavingSophie.org