Former Division I athlete and current patient; in 2006 ruptured discs in his back and was given 7,500mg of Vicodin daily.

While going through multiple back surgeries and over 1.5 years bed ridden he was looking for a natural alternative without any addictive qualities. Through research and development he dove into cannabinoid therapy, with CBD (cannabidiol). An early pioneer into CO2 extraction he looked to make the most pure and effective medicine on the market. What he uncovered was all of the benefits of CBD without any of the head high. This allowed him to stop using Vicodin and moved forward developing his own cannabinoid therapy products using CBD.

Cannabinoid Creations‘ products have been developed and perfected by taking our time over the years. They are also Cannabis Cup award winners for our infused products.

Scott Leshman

Owner/CEO Cannabinoid Creations