The map above is a complete list of medical marijuana dispensaries in West Virginia.

Patients are encouraged to contact a chosen dispensary directly before visiting to see if an appointment is required.

FAQs on WV MMJ Dispensaries

Can I go to the dispensary before my medical marijuana card arrives?

No, in order to enter a WV dispensary, you must have on you both a valid medical marijuana card and photo ID or driver’s license. Your card will typically arrive by mail from the state within 30-60 days after the state approves your application and receives payment.

Am I limited to one dispensary only when my card arrives?

No. As a certified WV medical marijuana patient, you can visit any dispensary in the state of West Virginia.

What can I expect my first visit to the dispensary to be like?

We highly recommend to our patients that you see a pharmacist on your very first visit to a dispensary. This way you can discuss what ailments you are seeking to treat, and they will make recommendations of the best products and method of administration for your needs.

Can I travel out of state with medical marijuana, or access another State’s dispensaries?

The answer varies based on each State’s laws for medical marijuana patients. Patients are recommended to fully review each state’s requirements and if they accept West Virginia medical cardholders prior to traveling across states with medical marijuana. If you would like help with this question, please contact our team for assistance.