From Seed to Script Podcast

Welcome to From Seed to Script, a podcast exploring the fascinating world of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program, from cultivation and growth to prescription and purchase.

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    From Seed to Script Podcast

    In each episode, we take you through the process of how medical marijuana is cultivated, processed, prescribed and distributed within Pennsylvania’s legal framework.

    Hear from experts from the fields of horticulture, medicine, legislation and patient advocacy as we dive into the journey from seed to script that empowers patients and professionals alike.

    From Seed to Script Podcast
    • Discover the science behind the growth of medicinal cannabis, exploring the specific strains, cultivation techniques, and sustainable practices utilized by licensed growers in Pennsylvania. 
    • Learn about the medical and therapeutic benefits of different strains, dosages, and consumption methods through conversations with healthcare professionals and patients who have experienced positive impacts from medical cannabis. 
    • Join medical experts as we delve into the research and evidence supporting medical marijuana’s efficacy in treating various conditions and improving patients’ quality of life.
    • Stay informed about the latest updates, policies, and advocacy efforts that shape the medical cannabis landscape in the state.
    • Hear personal stories from patients, their experiences, and how medical marijuana has made a difference in their lives.

    Episode 01: Humble Beginnings

    In this inaugural episode of Seed to Script, we embark on a fascinating journey into the heart of Pennsylvania’s MMJ Program. Join us as we unravel the secrets behind how the medicine is carefully grown and cultivated within the state, ensuring the highest quality and safety for patients in need, and hear from both physician and grower perspectives.

    Compassionate Certification Centers
    Penn Health Group

    From Seed to Script is brought to you in a partnership by Compassionate Certification Centers and Penn Health Group, esteemed leaders in providing compassionate services to Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients.

    About Penn Health Group

    Founded in 2016, Penn Health Group stands as a pioneering force in the landscape of medical cannabis production. Nestled in the foothills of Western Pennsylvania, specifically in Lemont Furnace, the company is dedicated to cultivating small batches of premium-grade medical cannabis products.

    Penn Health Group’s mission is to provide patients with access to high-quality medical cannabis products and to contribute positively to the communities they serve. They firmly believe in the potential of cannabis and its ability to enhance the well-being of individuals facing various health challenges.

    With a steadfast Commonwealth Commitment to quality, every step of their cultivation process is meticulously executed to ensure the potency, purity, and consistency of their products. From seed, to harvest, to jar, they prioritize sustainable practices and adhere to stringent standards to deliver safe and effective solutions to patients.

    Moreover, accessibility is at the core of Penn Health Group’s ethos, striving to offer affordable options without compromising on excellence. They believe that everyone should have access to the medicinal benefits of cannabis, regardless of their financial circumstances.

    As they continue to grow and evolve, Penn Health Group remains dedicated to advancing the medical cannabis industry in Pennsylvania while fostering a culture of compassion, integrity, and innovation. Learn more about Penn Health Group at