Building on over a decade of hands-on experience in multiple segments of the cannabis industry, Avis Bulbulyan founded SIVA Enterprises, and serves as its Chief Executive Officer.

As CEO, Avis oversees the development, operation and interaction of SIVA Consulting, Management, Ventures, and Brands in serving its diverse national clientele.

Avis was one of the early entrants into this newly legalized industry. His first foray was a cultivation operation with 4 lights at a small local private collective. Within 18 months, he’d expanded into the retail and manufacturing sectors of the industry, building a reputation for exceptionally high-quality medical product and services. Word of his expertise spread and by 2010 he was consulting for collectives throughout southern California, eventually quitting legal and insurance work to focus on cannabis opportunities full time.

By adding manufacturing, dispensing, and consulting to his repertoire, Avis had established a healthy grasp on the inner workings of the industry. By 2012, he was overseeing cultivation operations totaling 52,000 square feet, along with 6 dispensaries. That year, Massachusetts established the first statewide merit-based application process, offering a limited number of licenses and providing Avis the opportunity to expand his consultation services nationwide. His first licensing client was Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts, led by former US Congressman William Delahunt. Under Avis’ direction, the group was a) the highest scoring applicant in the state with a near-perfect 160 out of 163 possible points, and b) out of 20 total licenses issued by the state, Avis’ client was the only applicant to be awarded the maximum 3 out of 3 of licenses.

Building on that success, Avis founded of Bulbulyan Consulting Group (BCG) in March 2014, just as Nevada implemented its own merit-based application process, where his BCG client won 4 out of 5 licenses. Soon after Nevada, BCG helped Illinois clients secure cultivation and dispensary licenses.

Scaling up BCG’s management services, Avis developed onsite teams for dispensing, processing, and cultivation operations. He has assisted cannabis companies with raising over 8 figures and has secured licensing agreements for 3 companies to expand nationally. In 2016, BCG evolved into SIVA enterprises, with distinctively broad services and a nationwide footprint.

Avis remains a sought-after speaker at industry conferences such as the annual MJ Business Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, the Cannabis Business Congress & Expo in New York and Los Angeles, the Cannabis Experts Conference in Pennsylvania and is a valued expert resource for local and national news source.

Avis Bulbulyan

Chief Executive Officer of SIVA Enterprises