Social media advertising is what Luke Russell knows best.

As the founder of Russell Media, he leads a team that serves lawyers, doctors, and other professionals from across the nation, providing a unique insight into individuals’ medical experiences. Luke’s team works closely with their clients to collaboratively cultivate well-rounded marketing campaigns.

Luke’s former position as Director of Marketing for a national law firm gave him an insider’s view to wide-scale marketing and the chance to deal with a wide array of vendors. He travels the country teaching on social media advertising, drawing heavily on his team’s social media experience. One of his main points is that advertising on social media platforms demands a problem-solving mindset.

Like any complex math problem, when you get the answer wrong, you must start checking the basic variables and move to the more complex ones, methodically identifying potential shortfalls and how to correct them. Luke teaches that advertising should be approached as a math or science problem – isolate variables and look for solutions.

Luke Russell

CEO, Russell Media