Veterans Ending The Stigma was founded by disabled veterans upon the virtues of camaraderie, social responsibility, education, and training as a means to achieve independence and autonomy of the individual from unique and limiting circumstances.

Through constructive discourse and meaningful dialogue, we hope to open lines of communication with target individuals and organizations in an effort to dissolve numerous stigmas often attributed to those who have honorably served their nation, only to become marginalized and disenfranchised by the same society they so valiantly served. At Veterans Ending The Stigma; we know that cannabis is medicine, that homelessness is merely a condition of circumstance, not a reflection of who you are as a human being, and that mental illness is not a choice, never something to feel ashamed of. Our objective is stigma destruction. Our preferred outcome sought is the normalization of medicinal cannabis use, standardized education of all things cannabis, and concomitant training to accompany said utilization and education within contemporary, civilized society. We are Veterans Ending The Stigma.

Veterans Ending The Stigma

Cannabis Advocates for Veterans