Ricky Williams is an exquisitely conscious energy, a trained healer, and a living invitation to success and personal transformation.

Winner of the 64th Heisman Trophy and a two-time All-American, Ricky had a highly decorated college career as a record-setting running back at the University of Texas. In 1999, the New Orleans Saints traded eight picks for the right to select Ricky in the first round of the draft; it was the first time in NFL history that one player was the only pick for a team’s entire draft class. During his 13-year professional career, Ricky also played for the Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Ravens and was a Pro Bowl MVP and the NFL’s Rushing Leader.

While the world was celebrating his many accomplishments on the field, performing at American football’s highest level was taking its toll on Ricky’s body and mind. Seeking the best and safest treatment for the accumulating pain and trauma, he found that medical marijuana was the most effective and natural medicine available to treat the wide-ranging injuries he sustained while playing for the NFL. Upon the NFL’s discovery of his cannabis use, Ricky was harshly penalized both reputationally and financially through suspension and millions of dollars in fines and lost salary.

In addition to recognizing the restorative effects of cannabis plants, Ricky has devoted himself to mastering various other methods of caring for and repairing the body naturally. Through years of immersing himself in the study of Ayurvedic medicine in California, yoga and meditation in India, and manual therapies such as the cranial sacral therapy pioneered by the Upledger Institute in Florida, Ricky has become known in many circles as a unique healer with both an extensive knowledge base and the first-hand experience of a professional athlete.

Ricky Williams

Former NFL Running Back, Heisman Trophy Winner & Trained Healer