My name is Rick DiMarco, I am the Executive Director and Founder of the Pennsylvania Cannabis Association (PCA).

My career spanned 40 years, working for large corporations in technology. I have engineering degrees in robotics, electronics and a I am Cisco Network Engineer as well.

I closely followed the legalization of cannabis for as many years as I can remember. When legalization was finally signed into law in Pennsylvania, I knew it was my time to act. In the Spring of 2016 as the Senate Bill was being voted on, I wanted to be able to help in some way to aid the Medical Cannabis business in Pennsylvania. It was then I founded the Pennsylvania Cannabis Association.

The Pennsylvania Cannabis Association is a non-profit (501-(c)6), benevolent member trade association. We have grown to an office in Greensburg, PA and King of Prussia, PA as well and our membership continues to grow. Please visit our website at to find out more.

Rick DiMarco

Executive Director & Founder of the Pennsylvania Cannabis Association