See what medical marijuana and CBD have done for the patients of Compassionate Certification Centers


  • Tyler Boyle

    "I have been growing weed for years, now if they come and find me I have a card and am more legal than before! I have just about everything wrong with me and pot's kept me off the heroin and other narcs. Thank you PA for finally legalizing this."
  • Susan Murin

    "Pleasant environment. Friendly staff. Awesome service to the community."
  • Russell Fields

    "As a Veteran, I appreciate the honesty the staff has and the free reading material they gave me. I will be back for my re-certification."
  • Mary Ann Schmidt

    "Very helpful and friendly staff! Great place."
  • Eugene Hoover

    "CCC all the way. I bought a jersey too and I love it."
  • Joseph G

    "Everyone I interacted with at the office was very friendly and professional. Highly recommend using CCC for assistance on obtaining your medical card or for your CBD needs."
  • Jillian Cramer

    "Doctor was very friendly, helpful, and his staff was amazing! Thank you for everything!"
  • Cheryl Tompson

    "I absolutely loved how easy CCC makes everything."
  • Bobby Hill

    "You are helping me have a better quality of life thank you!!!"
  • August Lane

    "Everyone was very friendly and professional. Great place!"
  • Dawn Barger

    "I have been searching for a HEALTHIER way to manage my chronic sometimes debilitating pain that keeps me down. I have gone from injections in my back, they were only temporary(every week). Several trials of different medicines. One med was Neurotin or Gabapenten...gave me sporadic "twitches" movements in extremities. After this I stopped this med IMMEDIATELY stopped, however the twitches have reduced BUT HAVE NEVER GONE AWAY. I searched out CCC - and they got my processed me that day. WAS THE ABSOLUTELY BEST decision I made. Trying to wean myself off of Fentanyl was hard. Because of the withdrawals, but I HAD done it. And I've been in pain when on Fentanyl, more feeling when patch was out of medicine. I HAVE found out that the medicinal marijuana and CBD are now my best friends. I ONLY vape when I need to. I have a clearer mind and don't feel strung out. I must thank Dr. Patel and Dr. Doner for being open to knowing that cannabis HELPS and can control many issues, that can be BETTER MANAGED without the toxic poisons that are out there. My only WISH is that more people would not demonetize medical cannabis. It was a medicinal plant WAY WAY before pharmaceutical plants. People need to understand...marijuana WAS NOT the gateway is pharmaceutical companies. DO NOT get me wrong...some of the breakthroughs to help save lives, I still believe it is do to company's pushing the medications to doctors and to give them to patients. So, in my opinion it starts way back before "marijuana" could ever be introduced to pretty teens or teens in middle school and high school. PLEASE PLEASE do research on your own or with a Doctor who is honest and knowledgeable about your condition. Would I recommend CCC and their Doctors...DON'T NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT...ABSOLUTELY YES 100%.
  • Bill Anderson

    "Appointment was quick and staff was helpful."
  • Bill Cole

    "After calling another center, (they wanted money to answer questions), I called Compassionate Certification Centers, and talked to a rep. He answered all of my questions, made an appointment at the Butler center, talked to Blaise, Andrea, and Dr Tippet, they all treated me with respect, made to whole process simple, and had my card 4 days later. I will travel 4 hours to go to Compassionate Certification Centers. They treat you right!"
  • Leon Richey

    "A most heartfelt thanks to Dr. Doner and the staff at Compassionate Certification Centers for making a difference in my life."
  • Glenda Brantner

    "I visited Compassionate Care Center in Butler, PA. The place was clean, centrally located and very professional. The entire staff, as well as the physician, were well educated and absolutely compassionate. By the time I left, I had a better knowledge and education regarding the program and the benefits of MMJ. I highly recommend Compassionate Care Centers for all who are eligible to use Cannabis as their choice of medication."
  • James Charles

    "I just wanted to say that the whole staff was very helpful from start to finish. Liz helped me get started with all the paperwork and finished it with me. The nurse and doctor were very informative and answered every question I asked. Very comfortable atmosphere. They are all awesome!!!"
  • Jeff Bullian

    "The people here were fantastic. Caring and kind. Walked me through the entire process step by step. Couldn’t have been any easier. My blood sugar dropped while I was waiting and they made sure to give me a couple things to help bring it up. They even made sure I was OK before I left. Wonderful place. I wish all doctors offices gave this type of service. Thank you!!!"
  • Trina Smith

    "Sad to say, but I'm so used to being treated like a "second class citizen" by most doctors and physician assistants that I have sought help from for the conditions I suffer from, and my desperation for alleviation being contorted into something erroneous and shady! However ,going to the Compassionate Certification Center was like being on a different planet! Instead of discriminating tones, condemning comments, and looks of disapproval that I am used to receiving, every single person that I came into contact with at the Compassionate Certification Center were indeed compassionate, caring, kind, helpful...I am just so very grateful for these people who are true humanitarians whose hearts are empathetic, and their mission, to me, is truly a gift from God."
  • Amy H

    "The doctors and staff were very professional and nonjudgmental. You must have a qualifying condition and the process is quick and easy. The visit costs 199.00 because insurance can not be billed. The state charges 50.00 to process certification. They accept most major credit cards and they will get your records from your doctor. Extremely easy process of you have correct diagnosis. Only takes a few days for card to come in the mail."
  • MacKenzie L

    "An absolutely amazing experience for a fair cost. The price I can't stress enough is very fair, other medical states usually charge around $375. If you receive state assistance you could qualify for a discount of $25* on the website where you pay$50for the card, not included in the $199. You receive your card in the mail in only 4 days, however when you get the card it says it's not active for at least a week after you receive it and the dispensary in Butler didn't accept the card until it's the date on your card. But Erie's does."
  • Steel City Vet

    "Excellent experience. Everything was explained in detail. The entire staff was amazing. The waiting lounge is very comfortable with a large amount of great literature. My appointment was right on time. I highly recommend them and I will be returning when it is time to renew."
  • Teri Cordaro

    "Wonderful experience... after many years of dealing with the"medical" system it was wonderful to be treated with such kindness and compassion everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable... THEY are there to help YOU...which is pretty unheard of in medicine today..."
  • Cheryl Cecil

    "CCC Butler.. what can I say ... compassionate caring, understanding and knowledgeable. Liz greets you like family, shes so helpful and kind. Amy is helpful and the doctor is great! You feel like family. CCC is a God send, and filled with Angel's to help your pain. Thank you to all at CCC Butler office."
  • Samuel Anderson

    "Wonderful place! No wait times, appointments are always correct, staff is WONDERFUL and Dr the and Staff are very knowledgeable and very passionate about their work. As a disabled vet, I’m honored that these people are here and that I fought for people like this. Pain pills are not always the answer folks. Knowledge is power."
  • Tina Brothers

    "The people here are very nice and understanding, they made the process so fast & easy & made me feel very welcome, answered all my questions. ????"
  • GirlyGirl Hippy

    "Compassionate professionals who work as a team in a serene environment. I got my I.D. card in 3 days but can't use the card for 12. I wish the state would change that cause I left all prescription drugs and can't take certain medications for pain like Motrin etc., so I am I relying only on NuLeaf 725mgs. till I can get my medicine. My body is in so much pain that it is affecting my life and those around me. Was my decision to go cold turkey on all my nerve and pain medications but honestly you have no idea the pain your in till you stop taking them and it is unbearable. Almost my date though to get my medicinal marijuana, hanging in there but horrible pain experience I am going through."
  • Kristen Anderson

    "Was a little nervous going in with my disabled veteran husband but I’m a huge medicinal marijuana advocate and will continue to spread the word about this wonderful natural medicine that WORKS!!!! The staff at Compassionate Certification Center in Butler is absolutely amazing and make you feel super comfortable. The manager is by far the nicest and funniest person you’ll ever deal with. She’s my inspiration for being an amazing business manager. The Dr. there is just as wonderful and took such excellent care of my husband; I was all in but tears by the time we left there from happiness. They also sell amazing CBD items in the facility that knock any CBD gummy you bought over the counter out of the park. My disabled veteran husband and I both use CBD products, I won’t buy them anywhere else!! I could seriously go all day about how wonderful this place is, and things are only going to get better!!! Thanks CCC in Butler!!!!!!"
  • Dave Resch

    "Very informative walk you through every step."
  • Dan Jones

    "The whole experience was easy the staff was kind and was very knowledgeable. The lady at the desk made us comfortable and answered all mine and my fiances questions we both were approved. They care.. While i was there an older gentleman and his wife thought they had a wheel chair they don't but improvised and used an office chair to get him in the build the one lady pushed and the other held the gentlemen's feet up for him... It was amazing!!! Felt like family!"
  • David Revi

    "I really appreciate the time the Dr spent discussing everything with me. Very comfortable atmosphere here."
  • Tom Pranskey

    "I really can't say enough how nice and informative the whole staff was. The doctor was really knowledgeable and explained everything and anything I had questions on or things I should have asked. Would recommend seeing Dr. Doner and his staff."
  • Ryan White

    "I was very relieved to deal with a professional staff that made me feel welcome and answered all of my questions. I would recommend their services."
  • Carl Stephenson

    "Compassionate is spot on! Thank you for a great experience!"
  • Erica Blanton

    "The staff and doctors definitely could be defined as compassionate; furthermore, empathetic, knowledgeable, and helpful in my needs and conditions. I highly recommend CCC if you are wanting a place to feel comfortable with qualified physicians to meet your needs and help you find the best methods for your conditions who will provide you with helpful health and wellness information. Quality CBD products to help with my physical and mental conditions."
  • Veterans Ending the Stigma

    "We know that cannabis is medicine. And through proper education, sound practices, and meaningful dialogue, we can dissolve the stigmatization often attributed to medicinal cannabis use."
  • Emily Snooks

    "I started on their CBD tinctures and it worked so well I went back and got my medical card too. I can’t wait to renew here in a year and see how my progress is. I signed up for auto-ship on their website so I get these CBD tincture all year, very helpful."
  • Timika Campbell

    "I called Hytek and got jerked around, never again, that company is a scam. Thanks to CCC for sending me to a real doctor that is well known and they care."
  • Lisa Perry

    "Dr. Patel and staff are very patient and able to answer all my questions. Was treated like family."
  • Fred Sammons

    "Very nice staff, that is well educated on the matter. CCC helped me a lot. Thank you."
  • Robert Smith

    "Great staff extremely helpful and kind!"
  • Caroline Peters

    "I have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. My oncologist is listed on the registry but she won’t see me for my card. CCC took me right in and treated me like family. Thank you."
  • Edward Pratt

    "Great experience very relaxing."
  • Aaron Dixon

    "Fast and friendly service!"
  • Andrew Canna

    "Excellent group of doctors. If you need your card this is the place to go!"
  • Brent Rudacille

    "Thank you for helping me along the way Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!"
  • Mark Sackett

    "Just want to say thank you to Diana and Dr. Patel for making the process easy and for offering additional assistance if needed. I highly recommend this great group of professionals."
  • Nicole Hicks

    "The staff was professional and courteous and extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend to anyone applying for a card."
  • Kristin Durkan

    "Their name says it all...they have been nothing but compassionate! They have truly changed and improved my daughter’s life!"
  • David Blount

    "I'm put on list for Lancaster Pa. Base which opens in a few months, I did everything online and just got off phone with them this morning...very friendly, helpful people."
  • Bennie Gordon Schoenfeld

    "Wonderful people and environment in EVERY way!!! Very Compassionate! Thank you so much CCC! Also Thank you so much for the ticket to the World Expo! Going on Sat. to get more informed. Received my MMJ card in the mail today!"
  • Caroline Piper

    "CCC didn’t rip me off like the docs in Monroeville did, this place is the best and I will renew here!"
  • Doug Horwat

    "Fast! Friendly! No BS! Dr. Doner was to the point and very helpful. He really cares and wants you to have the medicine you need and deserve. Answered every and all questions. Will be there if need any other questions answered. I'm sure they can help you!"
  • Larry Wilson

    "I found the staff and doctors to be very helpful. Had a very informative and interesting appointment."
  • Brenda LaFave

    "I just mainly wanted to comment that I have been using CBD and THC to help me with my fibromyalgia and my arthritis since I've been doing that it also has been doing something miraculous to my COPD I actually don't have to wear my hair around the house any longer I can actually walk around and I get my breath back on my own I also noticed that my sleeping is better I still use a BiPAP and my concentrator when I sleep but I noticed that my breathing is getting better just passing on some more information for your research please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help thank you very much!"
  • Ronald Enrique

    "I waited a while for an appointment and when I got there I was greeted by people who helped me get my card. It was easy, they helped me register with the state too, really easy and will go back."
  • Lori Hale Salac

    "Everyone at CCC is very friendly and knowledgeable. They are working in this field in the best interest of the public, specifically those who have been suffering for too long. Pharmaceuticals do work (sometimes, and with many side effects), but Cannabis is best! Please spread the word about CCC and all of the services and support that they offer. I’ve sent my own family members to them!"
  • Phelan Barreiro

    "I’ve had a lot of friends tell me about how their doctors aren’t certified to prescribe them cannabis-derived meds yet, and have been asking me how they could be helped... well here’s the answer! Check out Compassionate Certification Centers"
  • Fred Sammons III

    "Everyone I have met or talked to, has treated me like family. They also have helped me out from the beginning all the way to the card showing up at my door. The Dr's and staff members are well educated in the field and won't hesitate to answer your questions. I recommend them for anyone trying to get the card for them self or a loved one."
  • Brett Lee

    "Not sure if I qualified but I went anyways, and I have diabetes. I easily qualified since my legs are in pain and they called it neuropathy and have had it since I was a child. Great office!"
  • Lynn Wagner

    "Took some time, some things got lost in the process.. But everything turned out fine."
  • Nick King

    "The staff at CCC is courteous and helpful. I am planning to attend their convention to learn how to invest and get more involved. They are doing certifications at the convention this coming April and am bringing a friend along so they can meet their staff and doctors too."
  • Mansurul Haque Ronju

    "I am a caregiver and they walked me through the process on the phone. I love CCC for making this complicated process so easy. I wish the DOH was as nice about it as they are."
  • Josephine Craig

    "Fast, bought some CBD, will be back to certify with these cool docs."
  • Laurie Santana

    "I was worried I would not qualify and have to admit I have been buying it from friends to get through, but I easily qualified and am so glad to go to the Healing Center next."
  • Grace Long

    "The registered me and everything, I had a hell of a time with the PA Department of Health and CCC got everything taken care of for me! Thank you."
  • Rubel Hasan

    "Easy to send records from my chiropractor and the card came one a week!"
  • Frank Halling

    "They make a real difference about helping get your PA Cannabis Card and keeping you informed about news!"
  • Jessie Yauch

    "Very nice and respectful staff. They are so helpful with anything you need help with in the whole process of getting your id. The office has very relaxing atmosphere. I am so glad that I went with this office for my appointment. They take their time with all your questions and are very well informed and educated."
  • Barbara Smalls

    "Fibromyalgia and Arthritis had me in constant pain all over. CBD oil has really helped with the chronic pain."
  • Robyn Messner

    "Easy to find, Relaxing environment, kind staff, very knowledgeable & very thorough in getting my son's medical history. Loved the Dr. he explained things to my son & I & what to expect. We drove 2 hours away to this center & it was well worth it."
  • Elizabeth M

    "The staff was so friendly and empathetic, also professional. They really helped to make a confusing process more accessible and have given me hope that I will be able to have an improvement in my quality of life. I highly recommend this company!"
  • Corey Miller

    "No hassle, paid my ~200 and was out. Make sure you register with the DOH and have a LEGIT doctors diagnosis. This business seems casual and stress free but they cross their T,s and dot their 'I's to ensure they can care for their patients long term. The nurse and Doc I saw were very knowledgeable and I did not have any questions when I walked out the door. Waiting for my card in the mail. Said 7 days or so. Thank you so much!"
  • Nico DeMarzo

    "I can’t say enough good things about this location. Friendly receptionists, prompt reply’s to my email questions and a friendly and warm intake nurse. If you suffer from any of the qualifying medical conditions that can be treated by medical cannabis and what your medical card. This is the place to go."
  • Amanda DiGregory

    "The team at Compassionate Certification Centers in Pittsburgh laid out so much information for me, that I can't wait until my card comes now. Everyone who I came in contact today was pleasant, knowledgeable and are determined to care for their patients. I feel like I'm finally on a path to relief! The entrance is on 5th avenue. I parked in the Oliver garage and walked around. It's all the way up on the 15th floor! They also have an amazing selection of oils, topical treatments, tinctures and more."
  • Mike Reed

    "The staff was friendly and welcoming. They were very understanding of my pain and how medical marijuana helps relieve it. I highly recommend CCC to anyone looking to get their medical card."
  • Darian Flatley

    "Very very good certification center everyone is super friendly and understanding. It feels really good to not be looked at crazy when you say MMJ is the only thing that helps with your condition. Doctor has very helpful and they wont push you to do anything you are not comfortable with."
  • Lisa Cook

    "Made the process very transparent and explained how Medical Marijuana System works. This organization acts as a check and balance to obtain your card. I have received the Card one week after our meeting and the $50 to the State."
  • Nathan Washburn

    "Wonderful waiting room. Very comfortable and warming. Great staff. A+ satisfaction to all!"
  • Kellie Mottiqua

    "The environment was comfortable and clean. It was well decorated and bright. I only waited for a few minutes. In that time I noticed the numerous books, magazines, and posters that looked to hold good knowledge and information. Everyone was kind and helpful. It was an overall pleasant experience, one of which I'm grateful for."
  • Penny Schnarrs

    "Empathetic and kind staff. Flexible booking, nice location and cozy waiting area. The doctor was amazing and patient and really listened."
  • Brian Skatell

    "Highly knowledgeable, and professional. Doctors go over every last detail. They clearly care about your overall well-being and health concerns. I could not be more satisfied with the outcome of the visit and experience I had going to Compassionate Certification Centers of Pittsburgh."
  • Steve Perry

    "I met these docs at the convention last April and plan to attend again. I got my card because I have migraines and no other doctor would see me. Very cool docs and not judgemental one bit. Highly *no pun intended* recommend!"
  • Kelly Foster

    "Went for my first appointment today at CCC. Everyone was great! The doctor was running a bit behind and the Office Manager John was very accommodating. They were all super helpful and knowledgeable. The office was very clean, decorated nice, had comfy waiting room chairs and lots of reading material on MM and CBD."
  • Jeff Brennfleck

    "Although times are currently tough in Pittsburgh for the medical industry, these guys are the innovators of our industry and present themselves very professionally. The staff is not only well articulated but versed with not only text book theory but real world applications such as variations between strains and how each can assist at various times. I have shared in the enduring struggle not only for myself in this pursuit and it's been a great year for Pittsburgh! Thank you guys!"
  • Mark Vasinko

    "Keep up the great work! CCC was first class all the way every since I called for a appointment. They got me in within a week. I showed up early, they fit me in, and the staff and doctor was kind and caring. Thanks to them I finally have some relief!"
  • Billy

    With the help of CBD oil, Billy's eye contact and concentration has improved substantially. For some parents, this wouldn’t be a big deal but for us it was massive!
  • Amy

    "After taking CBD Gold Label for 4 days, I woke up with NO headache and have NOT had a headache since. I am simply amazed and ecstatic!”
  • Bonnie Habit

    "I was a little nervous because I didn't know what to expect. Everyone at Compassionate Certification Centers in PA was very friendly and helpful. They put me at ease right away and went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of."
  • Edith

    "CBD has changed my life, I no longer have chronic pain and am thankful that CCC have found brands that work, thank you CCC.”
  • Roger

    "CBD has changed my life, I no longer have chronic pain and am thankful that CCC have found brands that work, thank you CCC.”
  • Bonnie Barger

    "I loved my experience at CCC. Everyone that works there is so helpful. Dr. Kolash is very knowledgeable when it comes to medical marijuana. He answered all my questions and made me feel at ease."
  • Steve Johnson

    "They were kind from the beginning & very helpful. Unlike some other places.. but great experience"
  • Mark Thomas

    "Staff went out of their way for me. Thank you for everything I really appreciate it!"
  • Carissa W

    "Amazing experience at CCC at their Carlisle location! All staff I met with were unbelievably friendly, kind and compassionate! I have never felt so welcome at a doctors office before. The atmosphere was relaxing and made you feel at home. I got there about 20 minutes early and was taken back immediately. Everyone was so knowledgeable on cannabis and its medical benefits and made it so easy to talk about. Dr. Doner and his staff deserve 10 stars if I could give it! Dr. Doner was so kind and made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire appointment to openly discuss how cannabis helps my conditions. He was so knowledgeable on cannabis and was able to answer any questions I had. He even was able to certify me right then and there with the Department of Health which was very much appreciated! He is passionate about what he does and very refreshing to talk with a medical professional about the multitude of benefits that cannabis can have for so many people. I was more than pleased with my experience and would recommend CCC to anyone interested in treating their medical conditions with a safe alternative to other potentially harmful pharmaceuticals."
  • Patrick Nightingale

    "Thank you for a painless recertification! The professionalism and courtesy is much appreciated!"
  • Susan Sanders

    "Fast and friendly service! Being a CCC patient they gave me a free pass to their upcoming expo I can't wait!!"
  • Mark Sampson

    "Darlene was great, she talked to me about my financial situation and they take a credit card so I got my card in a week. I bought CBD there too which the dispensaries I found out don't have any. CBD has helped my son and I am on their auto-ship now so we don't have to worry about making a trip to the store."
  • Susan

    "The doctor visit was unlike anything I've ever experienced. She was so understanding, compassionate and informed. Finally to not be treated like a criminal for needing cannabis for my life! I cried happy tears all the way home (I hardly ever cry). I can't recommend CCC highly enough. Now I can live out my life in Pennsylvania and be proud to be a life long resident of a medically progressive state."
  • Diana Briggs

    "CCC has been a leader in educating the medical community on the benefits of Medical Cannabis. I wish all doctors were as open and educated as the team at CCC. Our family has seen the amazing results of this wonderful plant. It has truly changed our son Ryan's quality of life."


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