Medical marijuana can be a long road.
Let us show you the shortcut.

Medical Marijuana Doctors & CBD Consultations for All Patients in Pennsylvania

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Our mission is to improve the lives of people suffering from chronic health conditions. Compassionate Certification Centers is here to raise the level of treatment that patients receive while seeking their medical marijuana cards by providing trust, clarity, and the diagnostic help to find the right medicine. Today, we provide patients with the knowledge, guidance, and support to access medical marijuana as an alternative treatment option. We also provide CBD consultations and appointments for all patients, regardless if they have a qualifying condition. We firmly believe that all Americans should have the option to treat medical conditions with cannabinoid therapy when conventional treatments have led to inadequate results.

Compassionate Certification Centers
  • Dr. Bryan Doner, DO, CHWS, FAPWCA - Medical Director & CEO

    "Medical Marijuana is here, and gaining momentum everyday. It is time for us as a medical community to embrace, educate, support and perform for the research on this treatment option."

  • Diana Briggs - Medical Cannabis Advocate

    "CCC has been a leader in educating the medical community on the benefits of Medical Cannabis. I wish all doctors were as open and educated as the team at CCC. Our family has seen the amazing results of this wonderful plant. It has truly changed our son Ryan's quality of life."

  • Veterans Ending the Stigma

    "We know that cannabis is medicine. And through proper education, sound practices, and meaningful dialogue, we can dissolve the stigmatization often attributed to medicinal cannabis use."


We also provide CBD consultations and appointments for all patients, regardless if they have a qualifying condition.

Step 1

Step 1

Register online or schedule an appointment at one of our PA locations near you

Step 2

Step 2

Get certified for a PA Medical Marijuana Card or schedule a CBD Consultation

Step 3

Step 3

Once your card is issued and received, visit a dispensary to get your medicine


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