Pamela Johnston, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Special Projects at Electrum Partners, is a respected thought leader and entrepreneur with a history of business bullseyes that have been in line with her mission to help organizations uncover their potential and harness change.

An instinctive problem solver popular for her signature intuition and way of distilling the complex down to the manageable, at Electrum Partners she spearheads global strategic planning, value creation initiatives, and international business development while also leading branding, communications and reputation for company interests, partners and investments.

As the woman known to ‘influence the influencers’ for over 25 years, Johnston’s career has been characterized by high-speed entrepreneurism and innovation. Her ability to draw pioneers into high impact teams and think tanks speaks to her dynamism – what’s been described by partners as a gravitational pull that aligns the realms of invention and progress. Through consumer engagement, corporate strategy, and business innovation, her unconventional approaches and astute methodologies have impacted a wide range of industries.

“Someone who cuts through complexities, who sees things that others don’t,” “one of those rare people you meet that just ‘gets it,’ who routinely takes on and triumphs over ‘herculean challenges’” — partners and collaborators have always valued her super-human perception. Over the years, Johnston has been proudly honored as one of the Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds In Sales & Marketing, and featured in a multitude of notable media including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Reuters, CBS and Good Morning America. Having been lauded by Investors Business Daily as a “Secret to Success,” and appearing on Good Morning America and The Today Show to talk about life-goal achieving, Johnston is known for uncanny ways of hitting the bullseye, regardless of the challenge. She is consistently sought after by governments, industries, individuals as well as private and public companies to navigate change and manage the seemingly “impossible.”

Pamela Johnston

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Special Projects at Electrum Partners