Snowden Bishop is an award-winning producer and journalist whose career began in the fast-paced environment of broadcast news.

Having “cut her teeth” in FM radio, she graduated into television after being recruited by a San Diego NBC affiliate, KCST-TV, where she worked as an evening news assignment reporter. She later became an anchor for “Today Show” cut-ins and morning news at a mid-western NBC affiliate, KCBJ-TV. An offer by CBS Television to co-host a national youth-oriented talk show transported her to Los Angeles. Just days before the show premiered, CBS abruptly cut all new programming to stave off a hostile corporate takeover. The cancellation presented new opportunities behind-the-scenes in music, television and film production.

Since then, Snowden has held a myriad of positions ranging from production staff to executive for major media companies including CastleRock, HBO, Warner Bros and EMI/Capitol. She has independently produced and authored a range of award-winning films, documentaries, radio and theater projects ranging in budget from $5 thousand to $6 million. Her live theatrical productions include the critically acclaimed sleeper-hit musical White Trash Wins Lotto and a musical/ballet adaptation of Warner Bros’ legendary film, Casablanca, which debuted at The Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

In industry circles, she became known for her masterful storytelling and editorial skills, which garnered a following of high-profile ghostwriting and editorial services clients. In 2009, she relocated to Arizona and founded BEAM Global Media. She has since served as editor-in-chief of several niche publications, developed content for clients in education, healthcare and sustainability sectors.

Having written about cannabis since 2010, Snowden parlayed her passion for compassionate care and burning desire to raise awareness about medical marijuana into BEAM’s 2016 launch of The Cannabis Reporter. The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show marks Snowden’s return to broadcasting in front of the mic.

Snowden is a juried member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and Association of Health Care Journalists. Exceptionally knowledgeable about sustainability and conservation issues, she is frequently invited to speak at events and co-host radio programs. In 2014, she was nominated to train under former V.P. Al Gore and inducted into Climate Reality Project’s esteemed Climate Leadership Corps. At that time, she was selected as one of only four featured Climate Leaders to represent the organization in South African media.

Having predicated her career path on social responsibility, Snowden dedicates countless hours of pro bono service for environmental, wildlife conservation and humanitarian causes. For more than a decade, she served as documentarian, animal rights activist and legislative lobbyist for The Paw Project and The Wildlife Way Station. Since 2009, she has served as Vice Chairman of Friends of Africa International overseeing humanitarian and conservation projects throughout Africa. She currently lives in Arizona where she continues to pursue projects aligned with her mission to create a better world, one word at a time.

Snowden Bishop

Editor-in-Chief, Host of The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show