Insys is now getting away with claiming their new new drug, Syndros, could replace fentanyl and other opioids.

It’s all too common in the age of Trump where unqualified individuals are being chosen to government agencies for the express purpose of destroying them.

Now the DEA is on the verge of approving a synthetic formula for THC, being produced by the drug company that brought us the killer opioid, fentanyl, while also attempting to destroy the legal marijuana industry.

Insys Therapeutics was the only pharmaceutical company known to have donated up to a million dollars to oppose cannabis legalization last year, according to a Washington Post analysis of campaign finance records.

“It appears they are trying to kill a non-pharmaceutical market for marijuana in order to line their own pockets,” said a spokesman for Arizona’s marijuana legalization, which was targeted by Insys.

And now, Insys will soon be approved to market its synthetic marijuana product, Syndros, for medical use.

The company is calling the launch of Syndros a “pivotal milestone,” which they sorely need to bolster their rotten reputation following, among other scandals, a recent shareholder class action lawsuit over the company’s aggressive marketing of fentanyl.

Another lawsuit involved the Illinois attorney general suing Insys for “deceptively marketing and selling an addictive fentanyl-based medication, intended to treat cancer pain, to doctors for off-label uses.”

In December, the FBI arrested the company’s former chief executive and five other executives on charges that they “paid kickbacks and committed fraud to sell a highly potent and addictive opioid that can lead to abuse and life threatening respiratory depression.”

Insys is now getting away with claiming their new new drug could replace fentanyl and the other addictive opioids that are killing thousands of Americans each year.

It goes on and on…the DEA approves the dangerous drug pushers’ synthetic THC instead of the real thing, which has never killed anyone and has real benefits. Feel free to scream.

Source: The Weed Blog


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