Coalition Brewing will host a CBD Beer Festival with both celebration and education on 4/20 this year.

Coalition Brewing has been leading the way in beer and cannabis collaborations for well over a year now, and they have a great event ready for 4/20! Please join us for the Two Flowers CBD Beer Fest!

The similarities between alcohol and marijuana use have been a long time point-of-argument for those fighting to end marijuana prohibition. But this CBD-infused beverage is focused on taking this relationship beyond comparisons and into a marriage of industries.

Not only do hops and cannabis have similar agricultural properties and related genetics – like their abilities to produce similar organic aromatic compounds known as terpenes – but also their craft industries have remained focused on community and positive business impacts.

There are more event details here, but this is the lowdown…

Coalition Brewing is excited to bring you our first Two Flowers CBD Beer Festival on this 4/20 presented in partnership with Growlerwerks.

There will be several CBD Beers on tap as well as a first look at our latest beer project “Ensemble” in collaboration with True Terpenes. This brew will feature a taste profile that showcases OG Kush terpenes in a tasty NW Pale Ale.

  • Live Music
  • Food Cart (The Jamaican House)
  • Fun activities will including a special toast at 4:20 PM and a “Terpene Sensory Station” by True Terpenes
  • Games and Giveaways (including an opportunity to win the awesome uKegTM from our friends at Growlerwerks and more!)
  • Panel Discussion at 6 PM includes:

Anna Symonds – CBD Certified / East Fork Cultivars (CBD Education)
Courtney Moran – Earth Law (Hemp Lobbyist)
Leah Maurer – The Weed Blog (Community and Advocacy)
Jason Calderon – West Daily (Working with Hemp in Clothing)

Join us on this day of celebration at the Home of Oregon’s CBD Beer!

Source: The Weed Blog


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