The World Medical Cannabis Conference is helping make Pittsburgh a hub for the rapidly growing industry, but much of the focus was on what’s still illegal in Pennsylvania.

From glass blowing, to marijuana shirts and everything in between.

“It’s going to provide more options to the consumers and I think it’s going to help drive down the pricing as well. I think that’s very important to patients have access that they need to,” said Dr. Bryan Doner from the Compassionate Certification Centers.

Earlier this week, Pennsylvania’s Marijuana Advisory board vote 11-0 to recommend marijuana flower be added to the medical marijuana program.

If given the final approval, Doner expects it will help alleviate the growing demand, which led to supply shortages in the first few weeks.

“When you look at Pennsylvania compared to other states we’ve moved very, very quickly. Based on the numbers of our populations and the qualified conditions we absolutely expect that to increase through time,” Doner said.

Thousands are expected to attend the weekend conference.

Hemp Meds came from San Diego to learn about research opportunities with medical marijuana, particularly from organizations like UPMC.

The final decision of adding marijuana flower to Pennsylvania medical marijuana program is in the hands of state’s secretary of health. She has one year to decide.

The conference downtown runs through Saturday.

Source: WPXI News
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