PITTSBURGH – Pittsburgh has a place to treat patients eligible for medical marijuana.

The Compassionate Certification Center, on Stanwix Street in downtown Pittsburgh, opened for business Friday.

Channel 11 talked with some people who attended the center’s grand opening.

Thomas Hite, who fought in Vietnam, not only has physical ailments, but he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.  Hite said he is hopeful a prescription for medical marijuana can easy some of the pain.

“I’m just hoping I feel better,” Hite said.

Theresa Nightingale, a survivor of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, said the residual effects of chemotherapy and radiation are hard to live with.

“I have cold fingers and toes and kind of shooting pains in some of my fingers and toes that’s neuropathic, and also night sweats,” Nightingale said.

Here’s the list of Pa. doctors cleared to prescribe medical marijuana

The center said it estimates nearly 200,000 patients can qualify for medical marijuana cards. By February of next year, it plans on having 10 locations open throughout Pennsylvania.

“Our hope very soon is to have another clinic up and running in some of the larger areas.  Greater Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Erie and then really to expand from there based on patient need,” Dr. Bryan Doner, CEO of CCC, said.

The organization has medical experts from all fields are involved to deal with all types of conditions.

In order to be eligible for medical marijuana, patients need to be diagnosed with one of 17 state qualifying conditions such as cancer or epilepsy.

Source: WPXI Channel 11 News Pittsburgh
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