Marijuana appears to just be getting more popular every year. A new poll from the General Social Survey found 57 percent of Americans think recreational marijuana should be legal nationwide, which is up from 52 percent in 2014.

According to the Washington Post, the General Social Survey is conducted every other year, and it’s a very respected survey. As you may expect, it found younger people are more in favor of legalization than older people. While around two-thirds of people 18 to 34 supported it, only 42 percent of those over 65 supported it. That said, a majority of everyone in between was in favor.

As for political affiliation, the survey found over 60 percent of both Democrats and independents support legalization, while only roughly 40 percent of Republicans support it. What are these Republicans smoking?

A Gallup poll from the end of 2016 found even more promising results when it found around 60 percent of the American public supports full legalization. Medical marijuana is more widely accepted, with a poll from earlier this year finding that 93 percent support it.

Source: The 420 Times
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