It is important to come prepared for a discussion with your Compassionate Certification Centers physician.

Know the benefits you are looking to receive or have had in the past with medical cannabis, as well as how it could aid your individual condition(s). 99% of our patients have two or more conditions that qualify them for a medical card and provide access to dispensaries.  It is recommended to discuss this with our medical cannabis doctors and health care providers as we get to know you as your primary medical cannabis and holistic healthcare system.

It is also important for you to contact us instead of trying to convince or find a physician that supports medical cannabis, as they may discharge you from their practice or not know the answers at all. We at Compassionate Certification Centers take the risk out of medical cannabis consultations. In medical school, many doctors were taught pharmaceuticals as the only treatment and are more inclined to promote pharmaceutical medications, or are simply unwilling to recommend cannabis. For this reason, it is important that you receive a medical cannabis certification through our physician network, who have certified the majority of Pennsylvania’s patients over the last five years.

Our DNA Endocannabinoid Saliva Kit is a valuable resource in describing to you what your body would react well with, and the dispensary pharmacist can assist you in choosing which type or strain of cannabis would be best suited to treat your ailments. Raise all questions and concerns during this time.  They are there to listen and help you.

If you decide to continue on the path of medical cannabis, contact Compassionate Certification Centers every year for your healthcare needs.  All medical records are kept completely confidential. We will schedule you with a physical or virtual appointment with our physicians and will discuss your qualification for the medical marijuana program. We will guide you through the entire process as easily and quickly as possible.  Contact us at 888-316-9085 or schedule through our site at

Author: Collin Kelly, Marketing/Media Specialist at Compassionate Certification Centers

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