Heather Shuker

Managing Director at the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society

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Heather Shuker

Since the enactment of ACT16, the Medical Marijuana Act, in 2016 in Pennsylvania, Heather Shuker has taken on the role at the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society as the Managing Director and Events Coordinator.

She became involved with the medical cannabis advocacy movement in 2013 and helped establish the organization, Campaign for Compassion, an organization of parents dedicated to advocate and to educate the public as well as the general assembly concerning the positive effects of the often misunderstood realm of cannabis treatment. Heather’s involvement and dedication to this movement started when her thirteen year old daughter, Hannah, who suffers from severe intractable epilepsy was told she was out of viable medical treatment options. Hannah and Heather’s journey have been shared throughout the world through social media outlets, local news broadcasts and Chronicles, National media outlets and the USA Today. Heather is committed to educating individuals and medical professionals on the benefits of medical cannabis as the medical cannabis industry evolves in Pennsylvania as one of the most successful programs in the United States.

In addition to medical cannabis, Heather runs her own business. After working for 10 years at a public accounting firm in Pittsburgh, Heather started her own company, HCRConsulting, LLC, where she provides third-party reimbursement expertise to Skilled Nursing Facilities throughout Pennsylvania. Furthermore, Heather served as the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania patient representative for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF). She has also held several successful fundraising events for the UMDF.

Her participation in the lobbying efforts, press conferences and various methods of campaigning for the successful passage of Senate Bill 3 in Pennsylvania has given her the drive and determination to help other states share the same success stories. Every state should legalize Medical Cannabis.

“When the world says “Give up” … Hope whispers … try one more time” – unknown. Heather will not “give up” until all patients are given access to a whole plant that has potential to provide for a better quality of life.

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