Pennsylvania issued permits Tuesday for an additional 23 medical marijuana dispensaries statewide, including one planned for the historic Camp Curtin Fire Station in Harrisburg.

You can see the locations of all of currently operating dispensaries with red or yellow pins in the map below. Phase II permit recipients are represented by blue pins.

Many of the permits announced Tuesday went to companies that already received permits earlier this year. Others received approval for facilities across the state’s six geographical regions.

Franklin BioScience received a dispensary and grower/processor permit during the first round and another five dispensary permits during the second round. Harvest, meanwhile, received state approval for dispensaries in each of the state’s regions.

As with the previous round, the vast majority of permits were issued in major population centers.

The region encompassing central Pennsylvania saw three new dispensary permits. They include:

  • Harvest of South Central PA at 2500-2504 North 6th Street in Harrisburg
  • Local Dispensaries LLC at 137 South 17th Street in Harrisburg
  • GTI Pennsylvania LLC at 507 North York Street in Mechanicsburg

The Harrisburg permit location is the historic Camp Curtin Fire Station, which currently houses a popular barbecue restaurant. Messages left with James Cooper, who owns the fire station, and the Arizona-based Harvest of South Central PA, the permit recipient, were not returned Tuesday. The owners of Camp Curtin Bar-B-Que could not be reached for comment.

Under state law, medicinal cannabis can be used to treat 21 different medical conditions. The dispensary permit recipients will have six months to become fully operational.

Once they are, Pennsylvania will have a total of 79 dispensaries statewide. Each permit holder is able to open as many as three separate locations, although few companies have requested state approval for all of those locations.

Source: PA Penn Live
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