Despite Pennsylvania’s passage of Act 16, allowing medical cannabis under the Safe Harbor provision, the Department of Health is still drafting its program.

However, potential patients are receiving inconsistent information from disreputable companies. Some like Hytek, advertise tele-health consults for a $190 fee, while others are claiming patients need a costly “pre-qualification” before applying, which is not the case.

Here are the facts that Pennsylvanians need to know before losing valuable time and money with the wrong companies.

  • Currently, there is no way to be-approved for Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program.
  • For a doctor to be able to make a recommendation they must complete necessary state training (four-hour course).
  • Qualified and registered doctors will be listed on the state medical cannabis website:
  • Doctors are barred from advertising that they are able to prescribe medicinal marijuana.
  • Doctors cannot issue patient certifications for themselves, or a family or household member.
  • The department is still developing the process to obtain a medical marijuana ID card.

Though the final rules are not drafted, there are Pennsylvania companies with good intentions. Compassionate Certification Centers is focused on education, while providing support and guidance to patients throughout the process. CCC is currently opening certification centers throughout the state in order to be ready to help patients as soon as the department releases regulations.

For those who are interested in learning more, there will be a Pennsylvania Cannabis Health and Wellness Fair sponsored by CCC on Friday, October 20, from 1 – 4 p.m., located at 7140 Bennett Street.

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