Medical marijuana has been gaining significant traction across the United States, including in Pennsylvania, where it has been legalized for medicinal purposes since 2016.

The state’s medical marijuana program has been evolving since its inception, with changes and trends reflecting the growing acceptance and use of medical cannabis over the years.

Keep reading to learn about the latest trends in medical marijuana purchases in Pennsylvania based on provided data in the latest PA Medical Marijuana Advisory Board Program Update.

Pennsylvania MMJ Patient Purchasing Trends By Product Category

The Top Forms of Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

Here are the top-selling forms of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania by percentage of sales as of June 2023:

  1. Dry Leaf
  2. Vape
  3. Concentrates
  4. Infused
  5. Topicals/Other

#1. Dry Leaf

Dry leaf is the plant category of medical marijuana, approved in Pennsylvania for administration by vaporization or nebulization from its natural form. Dry leaf sales make up nearly 50% of all medical marijuana sales in the state, making it the most popular category by a large margin.

#2: Vape

The second-most popular category of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is vaporization, or vaping, typically by way of an infused THC oil in cartridge form. Inhalation is one of the fastest-acting methods of administering medical marijuana and in Pennsylvania takes the second most popular category at around 35% of total sales.

#3: Concentrates

A more potent category of cannabis product that can come in both liquid and solid forms, concentrates make up the third most popular category of medical marijuana in PA with around 10% of total sales.

#4: Infused

In terms of medical marijuana infusion, the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program considers infused products as “THC infused into a pill, capsule, oil, liquid, tincture or topical form.” For the purposes of this report, tinctures, pills and capsule products most likely cover this portion, which account for fewer around 5% of total sales.

#5: Topicals

Topical forms of administration can include lotions, creams, and ointments that are applied directly to the skin and are primarily used for localized relief of pain, inflammation, or skin conditions. According to the latest report data, topical and other sales account for fewer than 5% of all medical marijuana product sales in the state.

TIP: Learn more about the different approved forms of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania by visiting the CCC blog.

Getting Medical Marijuana Certification in Pennsylvania

Within the existing medical marijuana regulations in Pennsylvania, individuals diagnosed with a severe medical condition, as verified by an authorized physician such as those at CCC, are recognized as eligible for medical marijuana certification.

In PA, patients must currently renew their certification annually with a physician before it expires each year.

For additional information on obtaining a PA medical marijuana card through CCC, understanding qualifying conditions, and accessing patient and caregiver resources, explore the links provided below.

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