What’s Holding You Back?

We take a look at the top 5 concerns preventing patients from seeking medical marijuana certification…

1. I would lose my concealed-carry permit/right to own a gun

I asked lawyer Patrick K. Nightingale to clear this issue up for us.

Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis law provided for patient confidentiality in Section 302.  Despite this statutory provision the patient database was made available to law enforcement via the JNET database at the end of December, 2017.  After patients and activists raised serious concerns about the violation of patient confidentiality the patient registry was immediately removed from JNET.”

2. I suffer from PTSD but don’t have a diagnosis because I don’t want to relive the trauma

We understand, but we also know you still deserve some peace of mind. Give us a call at 888-316-9085 or reach out on our website chat feature. We will work with counselors, therapists, and other professionals to obtain the records you need or set you up with a CBD treatment plan. You can find relief!

3. I tried to register on the PA Department of Health’s website and it wouldn’t let me

Unfortunately, this happens. The system requires everything to be EXACTLY how it appears on your drivers license. You also have to use all capital letters. If you’re still having issues, we can help you register at your appointment.

4. I don’t want a mark on my drivers license

Wait…a what? Who told you this? #fake news.

There is no mark on your drivers license! NO ONE will be able to determine your medical status by looking at your drivers license. It is HIPAA protected health information!

Laws in PA prohibit you to drive if using marijuana, and if they want a blood test you unfortunately could get in trouble. (There is actually some reform regarding this happening you can check out HERE.)

If you have a card and aren’t intoxicated at the time of any encounter with law enforcement officials…they likely won’t go that far. To minimize risk, drive smart! Be responsible about your THC content and reasonable with yourself about potential impairment. Don’t forget about your CBD options too!

5. I don’t have insurance to go see the doctor

Because of its Federal status, most insurances won’t cover cannabis products or the cost of certification. You don’t need to go back to see your doctor if you’ve already been diagnosed with one of the states qualifying conditions. Just request your medical records and bring them to your appointment with you. If you don’t know how to get those, we can help you.

For information on cost of the appointment, cost of the card, THC-FREE CBD products, or for guidance any step of the way, just call one of our friendly cannabis consultants at 888-316-9085.

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