Maybe it’s the first time for you to use medical marijuana. And you have absolutely no idea how to do it. Or maybe you were instructed by your primary caregiver on ways to use it but understood little of it.

Don’t worry, for here’s a quick guideline to tell you how. The instructions are simple which will readily make you an expert before you know it. The various methods of using medical marijuana are a practiced art. Maximum health benefits are the end results of its proper use.

Smoking Medical Marijuana

Smoking cannabis is the most common practice whether it is recreational or medical. If this is the method you want to go for, there are two ways to do it:

  • Using a “bong” or water pipe
  • Using rolling paper

If you go for the bong, you need to pack into the pipe a small amount of cured or dried marijuana flower. Rolling paper is packing in the cannabis flower and rolling it until you have a “joint”.

The next step is to light up the cannabis flower packed on the pipe or at one end of the joint. Suck in the smoke. Suck but don’t let it stay too long in your lungs. Instead, take small “tokes”. Repeat if you don’t feel the effect right off.

The good:

  • The methods are guaranteed to bring quick relief to whatever ails you
  • Dosage is easy to regulate
  • Cheap
  • Does not require too much work
  • Gives you two choices to use medical marijuana

The not so good:

  • The lungs may become irritated with the smoke, making it do more harm than good
  • Not a great choice for patients suffering from asthma, emphysema or cancer of the lungs
  • The smell tends to stick to your clothes and skin

Eating Medical Marijuana

Yesterday, brownies packed with cannabis were good enough. However, those brownies tasted really awful. Today, the popularity and legalization of medical marijuana have made everyone come up with a wealth of cannabis-packed edibles.

Take your pick of medical marijuana delights from lollipops, chews, nut mixes, ice cream, cookies, gummy bears, crackers, chocolate bars, and so much more. Eating one of them hardly feels like eating cannabis at all. Of all the methods though, this is the most popular medical marijuana method used by the elderly and young children.

The good:

  • The relief provided lasts longer than the smoking method
  • Great option for people who don’t like to inhale smoke
  • Finger-licking delicious cannabis treat
  • Correct dosage all the time

The not so good:

  • Relief is not felt right off. It may take 30 minutes before it kicks in
  • The manufacturer decides the dosage
  • Have to be placed under lock and key to prevent pets and children from eating them
  • The “high” felt may not be quite as dramatic than the smoking method

“Vaping” or Vaporizing Medical Marijuana

Vaping or vaporizing medical marijuana is a modern practice. The popularity of this method sees a proliferation of different vaporizers in all sizes and shapes. They can be designed as fancy homes or as simple as a pen easily fitted to the pocket.

There’s almost a ritual in the vaporizing method. Like baking, the vaporizer needs to be preheated to the correct temperature. Next is to place a small amount of cured or dried marijuana flower into the vaporizer. Press the vaporizer’s button and start inhaling the vaporized smoke.

The smoke coming from the vaporizer may not be as hot as the smoking method. However, the temperature applied to it will be hot enough to give off the medicinal properties of the cannabis.

The good:

  • Provides quick relief similar to the smoking method
  • Lesser evil on the lungs than smoking the cannabis directly
  • Not so stinky

The not so good:

  • Quite pricey
  • Constant recharging of battery operated Vaping units
  • A long wait before the device could warm up

Medical Marijuana Sublingual Sprays or Tinctures

The medical marijuana sublingual sprays or tinctures are placed in small bottles. Their ingredients consist of extracted cannabinoids mixed together with coconut oil, alcohol, and glycerin solution. The mode of use is to spray a bit under the tongue. The mouth’s thin tissues quickly absorb the medical marijuana.

The good:

  • Better method for the lungs than smoking
  • Dosage is easily controlled
  • Pleasant taste
  • Highly recommended for children

The not so good:

  • A bit pricey especially for people who need larger amounts of cannabinoids
  • Faster effect than eating but not as fast as inhaling the smoke

Medical Marijuana Topical Ointments

Doing away with the “high” and yet gain health relief is through topical medical marijuana ointments. They come in a range of solutions such as sprays, salves, lotions, and ointments. They are great to use for skin problems such as tendonitis, arthritis, eczema, muscle soreness, chapped skin, joint pain, sunburns, minor burns, and a lot more.

The good:

  • No “high” or psychoactive effect
  • Great solution for skin problems
  • Quickly brings relief to affected area

The not so good:

  • Not a great help for glaucoma, cancer, epilepsy or PTSD
  • The absence of “high” or “feel good” effect

Drinking Medical Marijuana

Yes, you can drink your medical marijuana. Dispensaries, shops, and clinics selling medical marijuana also offer a wide array of sodas, juices, teas, and smoothies. Making your own is also fine. All you need is to put hot water in a cup, add a bud, tincture or wax and you’re good to go. Make it more flavorful by adding a favorite brand of tea.

The good:

  • Relief lasts for a long time
  • A great solution for people who do not like to inhale or smoke
  • Relieves stress
  • Replenishes energy

The not so good:

  • Long wait before relief is felt
  • Hard to measure the correct dosage
  • Gives a different euphoric feeling from smoking


The popularity of medical marijuana lies in its effectiveness. People with serious medical ailments have tried, tested, and found medical marijuana more effective in providing relief than traditional medications. The therapeutic properties of cannabis have been found by studies to be unique from other forms of medications. The side effects are fewer and less severe compared to prescribed medicines. Is it any wonder then that people are all for medical marijuana?

Source: Medical Marijuana Blog
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