As we delve deeper into the science of the cannabis plant more medical properties are revealed.

While it’s long been declared by marijuana activists that full-plant extract is as medicinal as it gets, cannabinoids are still being isolated and bred for strength. A lot of the time it’s to produce as much CBD as possible.

THC, cannabis’ most popular cannabinoid, is still the most well known of the plant’s components, though. It’s the reason we feel elevated, lifted, high, however you classify it, it’s what gets us in a different headspace. THC can be so potent, especially when dabbing or eating edibles, that a bad trip can manifest and that pleasant high can go right down the tubes.

So if THC is busy getting us stoned and CBD is busy healing, does one really need the mind -altering effects of THC to heal? What about CBD? If you don’t feel it really, is it really working? The answer is yes to the latter and yes again, if you’re a consenting adult, to the prior. CBD is so mild on mood, yet effective, that it’s used to combat childhood epilepsy with great success and no worries about the child’s developing mind from haters.

So what does THC do, aside from feel really good? A myriad of medicinal usages have been discovered either anecdotally or via studies, and they seriously count. For example, did you know that THC stimulates brain cells and even grows new ones? It turns out that in the hippocampus both CBD and THC stimulate growth via CB1 receptors, where they fit into our biological makeup like the perfect puzzle piece – because they are!

Let’s lay down some THC benefits: there’s pain relief, anti-nausea properties, on its own or combined with melatonin, the THC in an indica provides a wonderful sleep aid and then there are the anti’s. It’s an anti-inflammatory, it’s antibacterial and even an antioxidant that reduces the signs of aging and especially takes out stressors and the many problems they can bring, both mental and physical.

Yes, those and many more all have to do with THC and several of those reasons are why cannabis activists have worked so hard to legalize this wonderful plant that was so irresponsibly prohibited. THC is a true lifesaver, as those with HIV/AIDS or with cancer symptoms and side effects are able to eat and sleep once again. Those are major feats in any type of wasting syndrome.

THC is a blessing, not only for our personal enjoyment, but for our health. Even if you’re fit as a fiddle, THC goes to work with the other cannabinoids making your body a better place to live in, and that deserves some serious recognition, ahem, as does getting high… Let’s keep it real.

Source: 420 Intel

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