Believe it or not, a marijuana dispensary stocks more than just weed. Your first visit to a medical cannabis dispensary can be exciting, intimidating, or just a bit strange.

Like any first, your experience will greatly be determined by your preparation. Here are a few tips to help you make your first visit to a dispensary hassle-free.

Do your research

First, do your research well. Shop around and get to see if there are any good marijuana dispensaries in your neighborhood. Then, narrow down your choices by evaluating credentials such as:

  • Types of cannabis-based medical products available
  • Quality of the cannabis stocked
  • Professionalism of the dispensary
  • Prices

As a patient, you want to visit a trustworthy dispensary that stocks quality products which can be helpful in treating your condition. Ask your friends, family members, or renowned physicians what their favorite dispensaries are. Alternatively, read reviews of different dispensaries online.

Once you get a cannabis dispensary you like, visit its website to understand more about their services if you want to make an idea checkout Las Vegas dispensary. The more you get to know about the dispensary, the better your visit will be.

Plan your needs before your visit

How familiar are you with marijuana-based medical products? How broad is your weed knowledge base? It’s advisable you take time to understand what exactly it is you are looking for. Walking into a cannabis dispensary unprepared is not wrong; if at all, the dispensary has friendly and knowledgeable staff.

However, knowing what you precisely need in advance can make the whole process simpler.

Bring the necessities

Don’t walk into a dispensary without carrying the basic necessities for buying legal cannabis: up to date, state-issued photo identification (passport or driver’s license) and your medical cannabis card. No authorized dispensary will sell you weed unless you have these two important things.

Prepare to show your ID before you are even permitted to access the dispensary precincts, and then to show it a second time, before purchasing your favorite strain. Some marijuana dispensaries have cash-only policies; so, to be safe during your first visit, carry with you some cash.

Know local laws

Take some time to understand your state’s most-recent laws concerning medical cannabis. Being familiar with various legal requirements can help you feel confident and prepared. For instance, there are limits to the amount you can purchase and posses.

In addition, it is unlawful to drive a car if medical cannabis impairs your judgment. However, in some states like Arizona, you will not be charged for simply having the weed in your system if you have a legitimate medical marijuana card with you.

Prepare a budget

Carry out some research to have a rough idea of how much your preferred marijuana product, costs. Ensure you visit state-licensed dispensaries to avoid paying unreasonable prices for your medical marijuana.

Avoid making a dispensary faux pas

Dispensaries are not pharmacies; however, they are not typical stores either. They have their own unique set of rules. If you visit a trustworthy dispensary, chances are you are guaranteed of quality services.

There are, nonetheless, a few other measures you can observe to make your visit more seamless. For instance, most marijuana dispensaries don’t allow taking of photos while inside their premises. Talking on your phone may also be seen as a distraction to other patients.

Also, respect other customer’s privacy. Give them ample space so that their visit can remain private.

Leaving tips to the dispensary attendants may not be a problem for some outlets; however, to others, this may be deemed unethical. So, it’s up to you to make the right judgment when it comes to leaving tips, to the dispensary attendants.

Lastly, feel free to ask questions

Dispensary attendants are there to respond to clients questions. There are no unintelligent questions particularly when it comes to a medical marijuana purchase. Feel free to ask any question, regardless of how broad or specific it might be.

If you’re hesitant on which strain to buy for your condition, ask. Not sure how much you will need? Ask. Basically, hit the dispensary staff with questions to make sure you receive the right product for your ailment. Federal law usually prohibits returns; therefore, make sure you are getting the right product the first time.

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