Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program has been making significant strides in recent years, providing relief and treatment to hundreds of thousands of patients across the state.

The state’s commitment to transparency includes providing regular data reporting, and allows us to examine the latest statistics and trends in the state’s medical marijuana use.

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana: Program Overview

Since medical marijuana laws in PA were established, the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program has steadily expanded, allowing more patients to access medical marijuana as an alternative or supplement to traditional treatments and medications.

TIP: Learn about the history of the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program and how it’s continuing to develop for patients across the state.

Key Takeaways from the Pennsylvania DOH’s July 2023 Update

Through July 2023:

  • 942,231 patients and caregivers registered;
  • 430,293 active patient certifications;
  • 1,837 approved practitioners
  • 34.4 million patient dispensing events
  • 97.8 million products dispensed
  • $8 billion in total sales ($4.9 billion by dispensaries and $3.1 billion by G/Ps to dispensaries)
  • 178 operational dispensaries

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana: A Look at the Latest Program Data

Patient Enrollment Continues to Grow

Through July 2023, the Department of Health announced a total of 942,231 Patients and Caregivers registered, showcasing a continued steady growth over the years. This highlights the growing acceptance and demand for medical marijuana as a viable medical treatment option in the state.

Active Patient Registrations

Out of the total patient certifications reported by the Department of Health, 430,293 are identified as currently active and continue to utilize medical marijuana as part of their treatment plans.

Dispensary and Grower/Processor Counts

The report also provides insights into the number of dispensaries and grower/processors operating in Pennsylvania. Through July 2023, there are 178 operational dispensaries active within the state and available for patients to access medical marijuana products with greater ease and accessibility.

Sales Figures

In terms of medical marijuana product sales, the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program reported nearly 98 million medical marijuana products dispensed to date, with $8 Billion in total sales, generating substantial revenue and employment benefits for the state.

Comparing Data from Previous Periods

The Pennsylvania Department of Health also shared comparative data about the program, including dispensary sales by month since January 2020, which shows a continued growth year-over-year and for the first half of 2023.

Future Prospects

The growth of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program is a testament to the effectiveness of medical marijuana as a therapeutic treatment option, and the state’s continued commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare choices to its residents.

As the program continues to expand, it is crucial that policymakers, healthcare providers, and the medical marijuana industry work together to ensure patient access, safety, and quality of care remain top priorities.

Getting Certified for Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

Under the current medical marijuana laws in pa, residents who have a serious medical condition as certified by an approved physician, like ours at CCC, are considered medical marijuana patients.

They are eligible for certification on an annual basis, and are required to renew their certification with their doctor each year before their certification expires.

To learn more about how you can get a PA medical marijuana card with CCC, or to learn more about qualifying conditions and more, visit our patient and caregiver resources below.

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