Pennsylvania this week became the 24th state in the union to legalize medical marijuana.

Gov. Tom Wolf signed Senate Bill 3 into law, saying, “I am proud to sign this bill that will provide long overdue medical relief to patients and families who could benefit from this treatment.”

The bill was carried by state Sen. Mike Folmer

“I applaud members of both parties in the House and Senate who have come together to help patients who have run out of medical options and want to thank the thousands of advocates who have fought tirelessly for this cause,” Wolf said. “Since taking office, I have met with patients and families, held roundtables, and urged action on this legislation and it is encouraging that the hard work of these families has resulted in truly historic legislation.”

Don’t expect to be filling prescriptions soon, however.

The governor’s office explained in a statement that the Pennsylvania Department of Health has 18 to 24 months to implement the states medical cannabis program.

After that, Wolf’s office said, “Patients with serious medical conditions will be able to access medical marijuana with a physician’s certification at designated state dispensaries.”

“As the department moves forward with implementation, we want to make sure that we consider a number of factors in placing these dispensaries to ensure that medical marijuana is readily available for patients with serious medical conditions,” said Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Karen Murphy. “The department will be conducting a full population study that will include the location and number of patients suffering from serious medical conditions and their ability to access public transportation to get to these facilities.”

Source: The 420 Times
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