Scientists in Israel after they observed marijuana in some other related study, they have since been carrying research on the plant of marijuana with the aim that they will find the treatment of the autism spectrum disorder.

Bonni Goldstein that is the MD of resident that is concerned with the medical expert said that the evidence that was carried showed that autism resulted for the genetic mutations and the deficit that occurred in the endocannabinoid system. Goldstein noted, “ a report that was carried and other many numerous reports that were carried by anecdotal revealed that marijuana would be able to help children that have been affected with autism they will have better communication, lessen the anxiety, the repetitive behavior and they will be able to interact more with people.

A study that was published in 2013 showed the difference between the numbers of cannabinoid receptors in children that had autistic to the children that are aged match health. And they were a huge difference that was shown between children that had autism and those that did not have. Also, the study reviled that children that had autism had so many of the cannabinoid receptors on the blood cells. The body was increasing the intake of the valve as a mechanism of consuming more cannabinoids. The process suggested that children that had the autism spectrum disorder had cannabinoid deficiency. Researchers believe that the data they collected indicates that the CB2 receptor will be therapeutic in the managing of the autism.

Today, Israel licensed pharmaceuticals is making proper use of the whole plant of marijuana oil treatment on the children with autism. “Autism takes place when a child is born and the reason why it happens we don’t know,” said Yohai Golan, who is the founder of the Better Pharmaceuticals. Golan-Gild stated that the Better Pharmaceuticals have been able to get the evidence of marijuana and that it has the potential that is needed to treat autism that all happened by coincidence.  ”The stumble was all by mistake, the research was not focused on autism, and the treatment of marijuana was for children that had epileptic in Israel,” he said. Also, he added that for them to know that it worked is because the children that suffered from epileptic many of them had autism too.

As Better Pharmaceutical was treating the kids that had epilepsy, they noticed that one patient that had autistic and had not talked ever started speaking for the very first time. “If you are a kid aged 11 or 12 and the whole time you have not been able to speak and you start speaking it’s a huge deal,” said Golan-Gild. The researchers then started to pay a lot of attention to what was the effect that was being caused by marijuana on the autistic patients when they were carrying the epilepsy study. “A lot of information started to be seen,” said Golan-Gild.

The Israel government handed the permission to the Better Pharmaceutical that they would observe the children when they took the medical marijuana. He stated that they have been treating children with the several types of marijuana so that they will be able to know which one works the best. According to Golan-Gild, the result that they have been getting so far they are very incredible. “We have been able to witness children speaking for the first time, which is a fantastic thing to watch, they stop to be violent, don’t get the outburst anymore, they don’t bang their heads and no cases of them cutting themselves.

There are so many things that are taken for granted like having a child that will be able to ride the bus to school without having to wear a helmet, that is what becomes a significant achievement for those kids that are accustomed to wearing the protective headgears all the time for protection. While the change may seem small to others, it will be an end to the struggles that are faced by many families like violence anxiety and other so many challenges that will result because of the disorder. The difference that is experienced after the intake of marijuana is remarkable. But not all research that has been carried by Golan-Gild is the answered prayer for those parents that have children with autistic. So far the research has revealed that the female autistic children will not benefit from the marijuana. But for the males that consumed the whole plant oil, it showed a lot of success.

Golan-Gild made is clear to the public that the research is still going on and it’s far from being complete, and nothing has been published yet, the stated observations are just part of the initial findings. Better Pharmaceutical, is so fascinated by the results that they have been getting, and they plan on starting with the double-blind studies in 2018 and make the research expandable to other countries. “The plan that we have is duplicating the research to other countries like Australia, Czech Republic, and Germany.  Golan-Gild states that the investigation is showing promises that can be able to change so many people lives in treating the condition that has since baffled even the modern medicine.

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