Compassionate Certification Centers, Affinity Bio Partners, and AI Health Outcomes (Cannabot) announce the finalization of the patient focused medical marijuana research study in Pennsylvania with the release of the results.

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania – January 2020 – Compassionate Certification Centers, a medical cannabis healthcare system, in collaboration with Affinity Bio Partners, a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) and AI Health Outcomes, CannaBot, are pleased to announce the conclusion and publication of a medical marijuana focused observational study in Pennsylvania.

This research evaluates thousands of subjects who are current or past participants in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program who were asked to answer a variety of questions based on their first-hand experience. Independently, Compassionate Certification Centers and Affinity Bio Partners designed the patient questionnaire which was released to the patients through the CannaBot™. Patients provided their feedback on varying parameters – with results indicating 99.62% of patients surveyed were able to reduce symptoms using medical cannabis, and 63.73% of patients stating that they were able to identify the strain that is most effective for their needs. Other parameters patients were surveyed about included (but are not limited to): demographics, product selection and use, preferred route of administration, cost assessment, and dispensary experience.

“The goal of this retrospective Pennsylvania patient data collection analysis was to gather information, from a patient-based perspective, regarding the Pennsylvania State Medical Marijuana program from its inception through late 2019. This information and data, provided directly by the patients the state medical marijuana program is serving, is paramount to the programs continued success and growth.,” cites the papers authors, Dr. Bryan Doner (CCC) and Christina DiArcangelo (ABP).

About Affinity Bio Partners and AI Health Outcomes (CannaBot)

Affinity Bio Partners is headquartered in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania with an office in Campbell, California, is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that provides best in class services while maintaining a personal approach. ABP works within the traditional biotechnology/pharmaceutical industries as well as Medical Cannabis and CBD industries.

AI Health Outcomes is an artificial intelligence technology company that has developed the first AI Bots; CannaBot™, DrBot™, an AI Patient Recruitment tool to assist with clinical research enrollment and other software offerings.

About Compassionate Certification Centers

Compassionate Certification Centers is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has 10 medical cannabis offices throughout the state of Pennsylvania. CCC operates as a medical cannabis healthcare network, providing not only medical marijuana certifications and patient support services, but also actively participating in medical cannabis related research and having their own line of medical grade CBD products. To date CCC has provided evaluations and continued treatment services to over 20,000 medical cannabis patients in the state of Pennsylvania.

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