Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 was given a tour of the first Pittsburgh-area medical marijuana dispensary in Butler Thursday.

In the lobby of Cresco Yeltrah on Pillow Street, you’ll find informational tablets, medical marijuana products lining the walls and those products will soon be available to be picked up at counter similar to a pharmacy.

“Our quality of life for Ryan has improved so much. We dreamed of this moment but truly never imagined it,” said Diana Briggs, who treats her son Ryan’s epilepsy with medical marijuana. “At his worst, Ryan was suffering from over 400 seizures a day, 1,000 seizures a week.”

People like Briggs must have a state-approved access card to purchase medical marijuana at a dispensary in Pennsylvania.

A new Compassionate Certification Center opened not far from the Butler facility, on East Cunningham Street.

In a few weeks, families like Briggs’ will have more options for treatment. The marijuana in more than 100 products available at Cresco Yeltrah will come from Pennsylvania.

“We couldn’t be happier to get medication into patients hands sooner than expected,” said Cresco Yeltrah Co-Founder Charlie Bachtell.

Butler County commissioners said they were impressed with Cresco Yeltrah’s business plan.

“We are really confident that this is not only a very well done business for our county, but it’s going to help a lot of people,” said Commissioner Leslie Ohche.

The first medical marijuana transaction will take place at Cresco Yeltrah Feb. 15.

For more information on the state approval process click here:


Source: Pittsburgh’s Action News 4
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