Medical Cannabis Certification - Beneficial for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Cannabis is above all-else, a healing herb. Indigenous tribes and early civilizations have used the plant for its medicinal properties since long before lab-developed pharmaceuticals were remotely a concept.

THC and CBD can both be used individually to treat various symptoms, but most patients find relief with the the right ratio of cannabinoids. In most markets, THC-FREE™ CBD can be purchased locally or online without a prescription. but due to it’s psychoactive effects THC requires certification by a Compassionate Certification Centers physician. This is a fairly simple process, but the result is a better quality of life – and a healthier mind, body, and soul.

Better Health & Wellness

You’ve probably heard countless claims about the medical symptoms and conditions people all over the world are treating with cannabis-derivatives…but is it just a placebo-effect?…is it really capable of easing hundreds of symptoms? The answer lies within you. Human biology confirms the body has a natural endo-cannabinoid system, which has varying needs from person-to-person. But one thing is clear – our bodies actually NEED cannabinoids to function and restore at its full potential. This biological process works to balance the nervous system, support the immune system, reduce inflammation, and block pain receptors – naturally and side-effect free. The bottom line is this: the body has a greater ability to process natural medicines better than synthetic, the same way it absorbs more nutrients from organic foods.

Wellness extends beyond the body, and so do the benefits of MMJ. A majority of patients report better mental health and mood regulation after routine supplementation with cannabis. After around 90 days, you can potentially restore order to an unbalanced peripheral nervous system, decreasing anxiety and stress, along with the symptoms that commonly occur with it. This allows the central nervous system to communicate better with the brain as well, curbing depression from many angles. A strong endo-cannabinoid system achieves this by clearing pathways which restore the ability to feel pleasure, regulating metabolism and providing energy balance. Positive results can also be seen in memory and concentration, stress and trauma response, and sleep regulation.

Protection & Peace of Mind

Self-medicating can have its consequences, so we want you to know the best way to safe safe…GO LEGAL! All it takes is one “wrong place, wrong time” type situation, and you don’t have to run that risk. A common side effect of cannabis purchased legally, is a decrease in paranoia! You deserve peace of mind not only with your ailments, but throughout the entire process of your treatment plan. Transporting your purchase can cause paranoia or lead to trouble with law-enforcement. On the contrary, driving your legal product home in approved packaging and following all applicable laws for consumption and transporting, you can medicate without fear.

Another major factor for many patients is the fact that they no longer risk job security because of how they wish to treat their personal conditions. It is common practice for companies to require a mandatory pre-employment drug screen and/or random drug testing after an incident in the workplace. With a no tolerance drug policy, a positive THC result used to mean termination and resulting hardship. However, with a medical certification many employers allow a positive result for cannabis with proper medical documentation (similar to a failed test resulting from other legally obtained prescription medications.) In some cases, previously incarcerated patients who undergo probationary drug testing do not have to worry about purchasing a system cleanse or synthetic urine. The best way to beat a drug test, is to GET LEGAL!

Product Selection & Transparency

One of the best things about medical marijuana is the options and offerings that can be found in dispensaries. While a common objection to medical certification is that products have a higher price-tag than the black market, saving a few dollars doesn’t always mean a better value.   When you’re looking to treat a certain symptom, it is obvious you want a specific desired effect…and learning one from the other can be overwhelming. There are so many strains, terpenes, ratios, and forms of cannabis – so it can be difficult to know exactly what you need. The pharmacists at your local dispensary are well trained on the effects of each product, as well as the best routes of administration. Purchasing from someone illegally reduces options available, and you run the risk of a dishonest transaction in attempt to make a sale. With medical marijuana everything is labeled and tested for quality. Transparency means you can be sure you are supplementing exactly the way you need for relief, and being a cardholder ensures that you have safe access.

Get Your Medial Marijuana Card

Still procrastinating on certification? Why delay a more balanced life and better wellness – MIND, BODY, and SOUL. Don’t wait until you are drug-tested or face the risks of self-medicating. If you’ve been diagnosed with one of the states qualifying conditions or symptoms, don’t delay… Join the thousands who already have their card. Call Compassionate Certification Centers at 888-316-9085 and we will walk you through each step of the process – we make it so easy! Our Cannabis Consultants will speak with you confidentially to address any questions or concerns you may have. Not sure if you qualify? We will review your medical records prior to making an appointment. You can also utilize our web-chat feature while you browse our services and products on our website at, or stop by any of our convenient locations to speak to a specialist about how cannabis can benefit you.

Author: Melissa Rigby, March 15, 2019
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