Compassionate Certification Centers, a medical cannabis healthcare network, recently announced its strategic partnership with Affinity Bio Partners, a Clinical Research Organization (CRO).

Together, the Pennsylvania-based companies will implement medical cannabis, hemp, and cannabinoid (CBD) clinical studies.

“We are very excited for this opportunity to combine the resources of Compassionate Certification Centers and Affinity Bio Partners in order to further expand medical cannabis research. Partnerships such as these will provide the platform to increased research, better patient care, and integration of medical cannabis into our healthcare system, stated Dr. Bryan Doner, Compassionate Certification Centers co-founder and Chief Medical Officer.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Compassionate Certification Centers has seven medical cannabis offices throughout western Pennsylvania. The progressive health network provides evaluations and continued treatment services for patients. Compassionate Certification Centers recently launched its own line of THC-free CBD products, available to patients and non-cardholders.

The company currently has over a dozen certified physicians with backgrounds in pain management, oncology, neurology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, immunology, primary care, rehabilitation, emergency medicine, and other specialties.

“Compassionate Certification Centers’ focus on research and vision for a more inclusive healthcare system aligns with our own,” stated Christina DiArcangelo Puller, CEO, Affinity Bio Partners. “Together, we will help meet patient needs and pioneer clinical research in lieu of medical cannabis, CBD, and hemp studies. Our work will aid in the validity of the cannabis plant as an alternative therapeutic treatment.”

DiArcangelo Puller, alongside Dr. Bryan Doner, are slated to participate in upcoming educational events and medical cannabis forums. For more information visit

About Affinity Bio Partners:

Affinity Bio Partners is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that provides best in class services while maintaining a personal approach. There are many CROs in the market, but there is only one that will give our client’s organization the attention, services and results. For more information on the company or general inquiries, please email: or visit us at Follow us on twitter at AffinityBioP, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

About Compassionate Certification Centers:

Compassionate Certification Centers provides professional, compassionate, and private evaluations for patients seeking to legally obtain a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card, as well as the retail of compliant CBD products made in the United States. The company’s medical marijuana certification centers are located in the following counties: Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler, Cumberland County, Clarion, Dauphin, Erie, Westmoreland, Washington, Greene, Philadelphia, Lackawanna, West Chester.

Compassionate Certification Centers’ mission is to raise the level of treatment that patients receive while seeking their medical marijuana cards by providing trust, clarity, and the diagnostic help from certified doctors. Compassionate Certification Centers is here to improve the lives of people suffering from chronic health conditions by helping them to find the right medicine. For information, visit or join the discussion at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+.

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