Medical Cannabis Overview of The Treatments It Provides Humans Worldwide

Medical cannabis has drawn a lot of controversies and debates about its danger. What dangers exactly? Cannabis was once labeled as a drug that harms your body, however, there are studies stating cannabis heals your body. Unfortunately for this plant, it’s labeled as dangerous and life-threatening to anyone who tries to smoke it. It’s always been associated negatively toward peace-loving hippies and destructive criminals.

Now we’ll carefully inform you of the six true healing treatments of cannabis has within medically ill patients. We’ll analyze these cannabis treatments such as the prevention of cancer, lowers obesity, decrease in epileptic seizures, reduces depression, relieves pain, and boosts brain functions. The medical values of cannabis may help you see the true healing powers of it. 

Prevention of cancer

There are a lot of researchers conducting further studies in cannabis preventing cancer through cell death. According to a scholar report, “Cannabinoids as therapeutic agents in cancer: current status and future implications”, it states that cannabis is a possible treatment as an anti-cancer agent. This means the elements or cannabinoids of cannabis have the ability to prevent cancer.

Lowers down chance and risk of obesity

If not abused, If the right amount is medically used as treatment then the cannabis leaves will help in achieving your recommended body weight. In a recent report, “Cannabis exposure associated with weight reduction and β-cell protection in an obese rat model”, it examines cannabis in mice with obesity. This gives us an understanding that cannabis in obesity is a possible treatment for humans with obesity.

Decrease Epileptic Seizures

For patients who suffer from unexpected seizures brought about by epilepsy, stroke, or even ADHD panic attack. In another recent scholarly study report called “Cannabis Compound Reduces Seizures in Kids with Rare Epilepsy Disorder”, it states that  43 percent of children had their convulsive seizures reduced by half or more, in comparison to a smaller percentage of children who had seizures without CBD treatment.

Help beat depression

The cannabis plant has a euphemistic ingredient. This component is responsible for a calming effect for those who suffer extreme stress and sadness.

Pain Reliever

It can also be used as an anesthetic. Cancer patients and those who suffered major accidents can relieve pain naturally. According to a study report called “Smoked cannabis for chronic neuropathic pain: a randomized controlled trial”, a set amount of tetrahydrocannabinol reduces patient’s pain during a clinical trial.

Brain Booster

The Cannabis plant has a natural component that lets brain produce enough oxygen amount in blood flow. Thus, this relaxes the brain and is able to maximize the brain activity. There are also numerous studies regarding cannabis as a source of treatment for neurological brain functions especially brain tumors according to a study report called “The use of cannabis in supportive care and treatment of brain tumor.”

Source: The 420 Times
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