Couples may have differing perspectives on medical cannabis and the roles it serves in their lives.  

It is important to realize that not everyone that uses medical cannabis has the same experience, so greet your spouse’s skepticism with understanding and a desire to educate. 

Currently, medicinal cannabis is legal in 35 U.S. states, with California being a pioneer of the industry since 1996. Millions have already been certified, with that number increasing each year, and with more patients comes a more researched and refined medical marijuana program.   

When discussing medical cannabis with your spouse, put into context how it can improve your quality of life. Communicate ways in which medical cannabis supplements lifestyle changes or improvements you plan to make, such as sleep, stress, or diet. Ensure your significant other that this will become a balanced part of your routine. 

If your spouse fears you are not treating your body with respect, be sure to communicate the benefits of medical marijuana that first appealed to you.  Doing so can help him or her understand how it can improve your quality of life, and therefore both of yours.  Use this opportunity to make a positive change in your lives together. Additionally, products sold at state-regulated dispensaries are both legal and consistent in quality, so their safety is not something to worry about. 

If the jump to medical cannabis seems too daunting at first, a smaller and easier step to make is to try Compassionate Certification Centers non-intoxicating CBD products, with both full-spectrum and THC-free variants. Experience the healing effects of the plant without the risk of intoxication, available on our site at

If your spouse is still apprehensive about your decision to use medical cannabis, he or she is welcome to attend your in-office or virtual appointment with you. Our CCC physicians are happy to answer any questions or concerns your spouse may have in order to help him or her understand the certification process. 

To receive a consultation to find out if CBD or medical marijuana is right for you, set up an appointment with our medical professionals. All medical records are kept completely confidential. We will guide you through the entire process as easily and quickly as possible.  Contact us at 888-316-9085 or schedule through our site at

Author: Collin Kelly, Marketing/Media Specialist at Compassionate Certification Centers

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