Sources have disclosed over the years that both young and old people now depend on marijuana either for recreational or medical purpose which they often get attached to and find it difficult to quit.

Research has shown that young people who gets attached or consume marijuana consistently tend to suffer from brain damages while the old people who just started dealing might not experience such as their brain will not be susceptible to the changes experienced by the use of marijuana.

Marijuana have been proven to have legitimate medical use to people but the Government regulation and rules have hindered any possible development or more resourceful information about the plant. Marijuana is still a virgin plant which if permission is granted, many things which will be instrumental to mankind will be harnessed from it.

How does the use of marijuana affect the young?

Because the human brain do not fully develop until at least the age of 25, if any marijuana is taken before this time, it will damage the brain of the child.

If you observe kids very well, you will notice that when they start dealing, they will start losing focus and concentration, sometimes they might even find it very hard to remember things. This is solely because the young teen’s brain is still very vulnerable and cannot carry the weight of marijuana.

Ways marijuana affects the young

  • Brain Development; Sources have disclosed that the brain is likely to be damaged if a teen starts the consumption of marijuana very early. This is because the brain is still under developed from the age of 1 to 25 years and so still very vulnerable and will be susceptible to anything thrown at it. It very advisable that youths stay away from the use of marijuana at this age. It is also noticeable that youths under this age uses marijuana a lot.
  • Lack of focus; Teens who use marijuana at an early stage are prone to lack focus, stutter and will even forget a lot of things. They find it hard to even solve a math problem as they are always thinking of getting the next fix. Marijuana usage dwindles the brilliance of a bright child and often makes the people struggle to even concentrate let alone passing a maths test.
  • Addictive; Marijuana can be very addictive. Teens who starts early to consume marijuana finds it very hard to stop. They become addicted to it and efforts to stop it is always met with strong disapproval from them. Starting it early makes them even go back to it later in life which they can even accrue it to stress and other things going on in their lives. But the sum is that they are always prone to go back to consuming marijuana so it’s better avoided from the early stage.

How does marijuana affect adults?

Even though that adults are less susceptible to the brain damage marijuana usage can cause, this does not mean that they are free from it but that, there are other ways which marijuana can also affect them. This does not only apply to adults who are first time users but to adults who restarted after leaving it for a while.

Ways marijuana can affect adults

  • Brain and mental effect; Sources have disclosed that heavy use of marijuana can damage the brain of the adults even though it is well developed. It can cause an adult to suffer lack of memory and also cause the user to have hallucinations when the person is high, this is only possible when it is taken in high quantity.
  • Lung cancer; There is also a possibility that the airways of the lungs are damaged when one consumes excess marijuana though this research is still being looked into.
  • Respiratory effects; Using marijuana consistently can also increase respiratory effects. Marijuana users may find themselves having cough, mucus, wheezing and others. In this case, even inhaling marijuana can cause the respiratory organs to suffer and also irritates the lungs.

There are many things which can be harnessed from the marijuana but for the Government regulations which has hindered the research so far. Marijuana is still one of the most intriguing plants so far and the best is yet to be gotten from it.

Source: Medical Marijuana Blog
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