Westmoreland County residents carrying a medical marijuana card will no longer have to drive to Pittsburgh to get their legal dose of marijuana to alleviate their pain as of Dec. 20 because a dispensary is set to open in Greensburg, a company representative said.

The state-licensed marijuana dispensary owned by Keystone Integrated Care of Pittsburgh, may attract between 80-and-100 patients daily from central Westmoreland County, said Samuel Britz, chief operating officer for Solevo Wellness of Pittsburgh, the state-licensed operator of the facility at 303 E. Pittsburgh St.

Solevo is expecting that many clients because its medical marijuana dispensary on Forward Avenue in Squirrel Hill attracts more than 1,000 patients from central Westmoreland County, Britz said.

The dispensary owner and operator will hold an open house from noon to 2 p.m. Sunday to show the public the facility.

For pain suffers to be eligible for a medical marijuana card, a patient must have been diagnosed with one of 17 medical conditions. Cancer, epilepsy, Chron’s disease, multiple sclerosis and seizure disorders, autism, post traumatic stress disorder are among those diagnoses that make a patient eligible for medial marijuana.

The marijuana is distributed in the form of vapor, dry leaf, lotion and pills, Britz said. The clients see a patient care consultant before using the cannabis. The medical marijuana has cannabinoid, chemicals such as THC, primarily responsible for hallucenogenic effect of marijuana and CBD.

A pharmacist will be at the dispensary to provide the patient with the appropriate dosage, Britz said.

Solevo will “ease them into the product,” Britz said.

“I’m surprised at how many of our patients have never had any exposure to marijuana in their life,” Britz said, noting the average age of their patients is 50.

Source: Trib Total Media
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