Philly rapper, Freeway, will speak about his experience with medical marijuana at the World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo on April 21st & 22nd, 2017.

Freeway, who reunited with Jay Z and Roc Nation, is an official ambassador for the National Kidney Foundation.

In September 2015, he was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure and had an emergency surgery and got on the list for a kidney transplant. He has become a huge advocate for The National Kidney Foundation. Freeway also joined the 2015 Philadelphia and New York City Kidney Walk and he hosted/performed at his Freeway And Friends Benefit concert. A portion of the profits were donated to the National Kidney Foundation to encourage more awareness to kidney disease.

“I’m getting involved with the 2017 Medical Cannabis Conference and Expo in Pittsburgh to share my story on how cannabis has helped with me kidney disease… Studies have shown the long-term use of cannabis to be safe. In contrast to many other medicinal drugs, the long-term use of cannabis does not harm stomach, liver, kidneys and heart.” – Freeway

Lindy Snider, the daughter of late Comcast Spectator chairman, Ed Snider, is a lead Advisor for Greenhouse Ventures, will be one of the 75+ speakers participating in April.

“The Northeast U.S. medical cannabis market has multiple new states coming online in the near-term, and events like the 2017 World Medical Cannabis Conference and Expo are critical for professionals seeking entrance into states like Pennsylvania, which operate much differently than most of the west coast states. I’m particularly excited because of the mix of professional athletes, physicians, universities, and ancillary businesses who are all gathering in support of medical innovation in the cannabis industry.” – Lindy Snider

Many others will participate on the World Medical Marijuana Conference & Expo. For more, click here.

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