There are multiple marijuana dispensaries today. Here’s a guide on what to expect when visiting one for the first time.

1. Be Aware Of The Rules

Rules pertaining to cannabis may differentiate from state to state and country to country. Laws maybe different from residents and for visitors. Resident customers may be allowed to purchase more cannabis than visitors. Read up on your location’s rules before heading to make the purchase.

2. Be Prepared

It is advisable to do a little research on what you wish to purchase, before heading to the medical marijuana dispensary. The bud tenders gladly assist, but your selecting process would be smoother if you check the varieties they offer in advance.

3. Hold No Doubts

Don’t be shy to get facts and queries clarified from your bud tender. They will happily assist you on advising what should you use for a specific condition.

4. Don’t Forget Essentials

You must carry your valid marijuana identity card. Legalised states and countries cater to adults above the age of 21 years. Medical dispensaries will ask you to present your state- issued medical marijuana ID, without which you will not be attended. For instance, residents of Miami can speak to marijuana doctors in Miami about the procedure.

5. Carry Cash

Not all marijuana dispensaries take cards as the mode of payment. A few may have an ATM for customers to withdraw cash but it is always advisable to carry cash with you.

6. Don’t Let Security Alarm You

Medical marijuana dispensaries have security guards patrolling the premises for precaution. Don’t get nervous on seeing them as this is essential to prevent theft. Dispensaries work on cash basis which makes them vulnerable to crimes.

7. Patience Really Is A Virtue

Keep plenty of time in hand before heading to a dispensary as bud tenders usually attend one customer at a time. Allow the customers before you take their time to be served.

8. Basic Etiquettes

Please do not take pictures once inside a medical marijuana dispensary. You may take permission if you must. Also, keep your cell phone on silent as your loud ringtone will probably disturb others.

9. No Touching

You are allowed to look around and explore the wonders but not allowed to touch. There may be CBD oil, strains and marijuana seeds for sale. Dispensaries do not give out samples as law requires them to provide the cannabis in sealed and tamper proof packaging.

Source: The Weed Blog

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