The following are 8 most common winter illnesses and the ways marijuana can help:

Colds and Flu

These are the ruins and spoilers of this season. During winter, the cold weather interferes with the immune system; this one should stay warm always. Persons with asthmatics attacks are advised to take care of their immune system during this season.

Solution with Marijuana: CBD has anti-bacterial properties which can help the body fight the virus. Also helps reduce the pain from sinus pressure if a cold or flu puts you down. When cold or flu hits you, sleeping can get critical to healing and a good indicator strain can help you get some shut-eye. Using some CBD oil or tinctures can help prevent the virus which is an added protection

Back Pain

During the festive season, back pain is the most or rather the top cause of pain among American adults. Activities such as decorating homes, spending a lot of time in the kitchen, shopping and drinking more alcohol strains your back not forgetting stress.

Solution with Marijuana: Bones and muscles in your back can be protected by the use of cannabis which contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties, forget about your painkillers. Also go ahead and try out CBD and THC painkillers.

Cold Sores

The herpes simplex virus is the cause of cold sores. They are common when persons are stressed and fatigued but an outbreak can also be triggered by seasonal changes. In an occurrence of a breakout, it’s important to take care of babies and persons who have weak immune systems.

Solution with Marijuana: For persons who might not want to smoke because of a sore on your lip, edibles are recommended for you. Use of THC has helped in reducing breakouts. Apart from taking edibles, use of tropical salve or lip balm products containing cannabis is another way to deal with the breakout.

Dry Skin

Persons with dry skin or skin problems may feel like cold weather means affects their skin. Dry or cold weather, inadequate sunlight, and dehydration caused by being around a central heating system are some of the factors that lead to dry skin and other complications. Other things that can make it worse during holidays are; inadequate sleep, poor health, stress, and booze.

Solution with Marijuana: Skin conditions interact very well with tropical cannabis products, this is because the skin has CB1 and CB2 receptors. Topical lotions can be applied to the painful flaky skin caused by dryness and cannabinoids will be soothing while providing relief.


Partying and drinking definitely leads to hangovers, that’s a fact. Hangovers can be reduced by taking a lot of water before going to sleep, between drinks, avoiding drinking on an empty stomach and even eating foods rich in carbohydrates and fat.

Solution with Marijuana: Good news for those people who want to get high and can’t avoid it. In the whole world, cannabis might be the best hangover cure. Apart from it making you feel much better, it protects you from liver cancer and few bowls will help with nausea.

Heart Attack

During the cold months the heart needs to work harder thus increasing the risk of heart attacks. Influenza or flu, overexertion, cold weather and overheating increases the risk even more.

Solution with Marijuana: According to studies, micro-dosing Marijuana can help support heart health. You can smoke; you can micro dose with edible, oil and tinctures. Eat well, avoid overexertion and get enough sleep this will ensure that cannabis will take you through the rough cold months.

Stomach Pain and Indigestion

Your usual intake of sugar, fat, and alcohol can have an impact on the digestive system if doubled or tripled. Maintain a healthy diet during the holidays by avoiding the double or triple intake.

Toke up: Manage and combat gastrointestinal pain with the help of Cannabis. Also, take a nice bowl of your favorite strain and some peppermint tea.

Stress: How funny it is that the most festive seasons can be also a time for intense stress. Stress can be caused by; money worries, lack of sleep and arguments.

Solution with Marijuana: The use of Marijuana is associated with stress. By getting lit you avoid anxiety and stress, but some find that micro-dosing is great at treating stress rather than taking big doses.

Source: Medical Marijuana Blog
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