How much does a re-certification cost?

The re-certification fee is $125 if the original certification was through us. If you are a new patient with us wanting to get your re-certification, the fee will be $199.

Do I need to bring in more medical documents?

If you were initially certified by CCC, then you should not have to bring your medical records with you for your re-certification appointment. If you are unsure, then it is always best to bring your records with you.

Do I need to re-register with the DOH?

Ideally, patients will be renew their registration on the DOH website before their appointment. This can be done online via their PA DOH MMJ patient account. If patients are having difficulty with this process, CCC staff can help patients  onsite at the time of their appointment.

What will happen at the appointment?

The patient experience at CCC is similar to other doctors office visits or appointments. On arrival, patients will be taken through an intake process with CCC staff. After intake is completed, the patient will be interviewed by clinical staff regarding medical history, medical records, medications, allergies, qualifying condition(s), current cannabis preparations, etc. Finally, the patient will have an interview and evaluation with one of our MMJ registry listed physicians. Following the appointment, the patient’s MMJ certification is then issued electronically and they will receive their medical card in the mail, usually within 1 week.

To schedule your re-certification appointment, just take the same steps you did the first time!

  1. You can schedule by phone 888-316-9085 or on our website
  2. Other options may include on-site registration at one of the events on our Event Calendar or walk-in hours now available at all locations.
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