Can Cannabis Help Anxiety and Depression?

With more and more people suffering with chronic depression can medical cannabis be used as a safe substitute in place of harmful prescription chemicals? Cannabis has been used for decades to treat people with anxiety and depression with great results. As cannabis has become more available in the mainstream many more strains of cannabis are now available which can help various chronic conditions such as depression.

Can you just buy cannabis from anywhere and treat your depression? No, you can’t. Without knowing the strain of the cannabis, you are purchasing you won’t know if you are getting a depression friendly strain and if that strain was grown organically. With options for purchasing cannabis from dispensaries in some states and online dispensaries patients can now have access to suitable strains that will help treat the side effects of depression.

How Does Cannabis Treat Depression?

Even though different cannabis strains and plants can vary in their composite CBD/THC levels even low dosages from these strains can provide relief from chronic depression by:

1.THC stimulates the brain to create a substance known as Anandamide, this chemical is thought to control your general feeling of well being. Using cannabis to stimulate this chemical release in the brain and reduce levels of patient depression or provide complete relief all together.

2.THC is also known to stimulate the Neurogenesis area of the Hippocampus. The resulting effect is the creation of new neurons which support the reduction of depression.

Cannabis can mitigate some of the main side effects of depression. High blood pressure for example is common in those suffering from anxiety and depression, cannabis can reduce blood pressure quickly. Another key issue cannabis treats are insomnia which can be directly related to depression.

The following Strains of Cannabis Can Provide Relief from Depression:

#1 AK 47

Medicinal use: People suffering from migraines or anxiety will find tranquility when medicating themselves using AK-47.

Smoking effects: AK-47 is a Sativa dominant strain which will leave you feeling relaxed and slow down racing thoughts. While this a THC heavy plant you will find that the effect very cerebral and brings on relaxation and slows down racing thoughts. While this strain may pack a punch you’ll still be able to remain engaged with your normal day to day activities.

Plant features: This is an easy to grow compact sativa plant which is great growing outdoors. Ak-47 generally finishes flowering near the end of October. There are also indoor strains of this strain which are perfectly suited for easy indoor growing as well.

#2 Sour Diesel

Medicinal use: Sour Diesel which if find unpleasant to the taste personally is often used for severe of chronic pain. It is also known to be an extremely powerful anti-nausea medication. Sour Diesel is also known to help stress and anxiety because it’s overall effect is paranoia free. Great for people who find that some cannabis can make them paranoid.

Smoking effects: Sour Diesel is a Sativa dominant strain which will leave you talkative, social and engaging. Unlike other Sativa’s which can sometimes cause paranoia in some people.

Plant features: This plant grows like a beast outdoors but indoors is where it really shines. Indoors its easily kept and generate significantly higher yields then when grown outdoors.

#3 White Widow

Compact and very high yielding plant. Tangy fruity, sweet, little spicy flavor. Used to help with: Anxiety, Migraines, PTSD, Arthritis, ADD/ADH

Smoking effects: White Widow is a very potent and powerful marijuana variety, available on the top of all Dutch coffee shop menus. The buzz is powerful and energetic yet social, so be prepared for a strong high. You will not be disappointed when you smoke White Widow.

Plant features: White Widow seeds are perfect for novice marijuana growers. It is on top of the list of different marijuana seeds that are easy to grow. White widow is a very strong plant that grows both indoors and outdoors. Very high yields possible!

Source: The Weed Blog

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