Kelly Smith Demands UK Parliament to Grant Medical License for Cannabis Treatment

Members of parliament have recently called on the Home office to give a boy suffering from epilepsy disease a medical cannabis license after his epilepsy improved after consumption of cannabis drug. The boy has a very delicate and rare form of epilepsy.

Kelly Smith has been getting approximately 30 brutal seizures in a day at his tender age. He is  a six-year old child living in in the United Kingdom. His family intends to treat him with cannabis oil though it is illegal in their state. In the month of September, Kelly Smith travelled to Netherlands to get a cannabis treatment. He got a cannabis –based medication and prescription from a Pediatric neurologist and after using this drug, the family noted his seizures were gradually decreasing in terms of number, longevity and intensity.

(APPG) , All-party parliamentary group members, have now called on Amber Rudd , the Home Office Secretary to give a medical license to Kelly  ,so that he may be able to continue using cannabis medication which he is not allowed to have or use in the United Kingdom since it was banned.

Maggie, Kelly’s grandmother, mentioned that Kelly’s treatment in the Netherlands meant so much to his life. Kelly had gone from a death sentence to the prospect of having a normal life like other friends and school. She also said that she would like the people who had the power and capability to give him the opportunity to use the medication to put themselves in his family‘s position and give him a chance to live. Maggie added that it is only by affection that persons can find ways round such concrete rules.

It reached a time Kelly had 3000 violent and serious seizures and around 50 hospital visits just in a year which is not something normal. His seizures are quite radical and can number up to 30 if not 20 a day. Although his seizures can be controlled in the United Kingdom hospitals, it is not enough guarantee that he will forever be safe because he might end up being institutionalized. The seizures can reduce to 20 seizures a year only if the Dutch cannabis prescription is used for his treatment.

Kelly was forced to stay in a holiday camp in the Netherlands in order to receive the treatment he could not receive at home. Due to the lack of medical insurance in the country they had to return to the United Kingdom in January.

The Home Office secretary said that Crispin Blunt, the current Conservative Member of parliament and co-chair of the APPG is capable of issuing a license to Kelly. He added that it would be cruel if he would deny the boy access to the drug he is in need of.

In short, parliament should really focus on amending laws attached to cannabis , at least they should allow access to marijuana for medical cases since it has public support. Even after all this the Home Office stated to the Daily Mail that it would not give special licence for personal use of a drug such as Marijuana.

Source: Medical Marijuana Blog
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