Sarara Corva is CEO of UNDOO LLC, marketing a new patent pending formula that alleviates the discomfort of THC overconsumption, experienced by some users. UNDOO softgels

A consultant, caregiver, and patient, Sarara Corva educates individuals and groups on Marijuana as Medicine. Medical Professionals, patients and industry leaders seek her out for her diverse knowledge on the applications of the medicine and the industry in general. Sarara was the conference coordinator and a speaker for the Marijuana for Medical Professionals 2014 & 2016 conference, a highly acclaimed, academic success in Denver, and again for this MJforMD’s 2018 conference.

She regularly teaches “Cannabis 101” and “Overcoming Cannabis Stigmas” to new patients and their families. While her main focus is teaching Senior citizens, She also teaches classes on Cannabis as medicine to budtenders in the dispensaries.

As a cancer survivor, she is also a consultant to cancer patients choosing to use Cannabis and other alternative treatments for healing from cancer.

Sarara is the co-host of Jimmy’s Joints, a common sense approach to cannabis.

Sarara Corva