By the age of nine, Rylie Maedler had battled an aggressive bone tumor and seizures, changed the Delaware Senate and House’s mind about medical cannabis for pediatrics, started her own non-profit to help kids like her, changed two major laws in her state regarding pediatric cannabis (influencing a third law helping it be heard in the last hour of the legislative session) and since then petitioning for Pediatric Autism to be a qualifying condition in her state.

Rylie wants to grow up to be a singer, pianist and motivational speaker but most of all just to help others. She can cross motivational speaker and helping others off the list as she’s already started, she speaks before Legislators and has helped improve the quality of life for countless children, if not save their lives. 2018 holds a lot of activity for Rylie as her foundation will be going back to Legislative Hall to work on more improvements to the Pediatric Law, Rylie’s Law, and she has also started her own company, Rylie’s Sunshine, which she plans to push pre-clinical research with.

Rylie Maedler

CEO, Rylie’s Smile Foundation